Sunday, September 3, 2017

Is Something BIG About to Happen?

Yellowstone Caldera - Photo: Public Domain
While driving or outside the past four days I've noticed that the energy in the air is unstable, and very active. I see energy in the form of dark matter, and bursts of black and bright white pinpoints of light, and have been doing so since childhood. Whenever there is a sudden increase in energy movement, there is a natural event following such as an earthquake or volcano. It doesn't matter where the event is located, the energy changes worldwide.

This makes it very difficult to pinpoint exactly where an event will occur, so I need to resort to Remote Viewing in order to see where the source is coming from. Remote Viewing is accomplished by sending my consciousness out of my body, to the location where I'm led by what appears to be a dark cord about 1" in diameter. The theory is that we are connected to all things and our Higher Self knows everything, therefore, it is able to lead a person to anything they are looking for. I use this method to find lost objects or missing persons, etc. and have been quite successful at doing so. One thing to note is that the more emotion there is around the event, the easier and more quickly I will find it.

The location I found for the source of the increase in energy activity is northeast corner of the Yellowstone Caldera. This could be the earthquakes, or a volcanic eruption.

A check on the internet revealed a number of articles about recent activity at this location including this article on Newsweek: location

Again, I remote-viewed the source of the article, and found that the person giving the interview was not being completely truthful and was keeping information from the public. I believe that they were more concerned about recent events than they said in order not to cause panic or loss of visitors to the area
I've been seeing visions of a volcano erupting at the northeast corner of the Yellowstone caldera for about eight years, and have mentioned this to many persons, including hundreds of people at seminars. What I see is a smaller volcanic eruption about the size of the Mount St. Helens event, not the entire volcano erupting. Nevertheless, this will cause major problems for hundreds of miles around.


Margie Kay is the president of Un-X Media Publishing Company, author of 13 books, and a national speaker.

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