Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Madrid Earthquake Predictions

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For at least three years now I've been having visions of a New Madrid Fault earthquake, and as time goes on the visions get stronger and more clear.  When that happens, that means that the event is getting closer.  Unfortunately, so far I have been unable to see the exact time when an event will occur.  I get the sense, however, that this is near in the future. 

3/14/12: Last night I had a vision dream that my secretary and I were in our  studio building when the building started shaking violently. We realized that an earthquake was happening, and both made it outside where we watched that building and our office building next door as they were both visibly shaking, and some parts of the structures were falling off of them. I realized that this was a vision dream of a future event and that it was going to happen soon. I also saw that it was during they daytime in warm weather.
Kansas City (where I live) is a long way from the New Madrid Fault. So if an earthquake happens that is so bad it causes severe destruction to buildings in Kansas City, that means that it will be a huge earthquake. I keep hearing "10.0, 10.0," but certainly hope that is not the case.

St. Louis Photo by Margie Kay
My other visions of what happens when the NM fault goes off is that St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville are literally destroyed. All of the buildings are swaying badly and falling over.  In the visions all of the bridges across the Mississippi river and part of the Missouri river are destroyed and impassible, so no traffic goes east or west.  This means that no supplies or food will be coming or going and I see empty shelves at the supermarkets.  The Mississippi river flows heavily into the downtown area of St. Louis like a tidal wave and wipes out everyone and everything on ground level. When my husband and I recently drove over a bridge there, and I looked out at the river, It was in the same angle as an earlier vision and let me tell you, I was very nervous going over that bridge!
Bridge over the Mississippi River
I've been shown this vision in dreams, and during trance sessions with my deceased grandfather, who shows me global events before they happen. He showed me the ring of fire being extremely active and several volcanoes and earthquakes going off around this ring of fire including in Washington state and California.  And he showed me the New Madrid fault earthquake, which affects the entire U.S. in one way or another.

3/15/12: I have been having "earthquake symptoms" for 72 hours, which for me are dizziness to one extreme or another, and seeing what I can only describe as shakiness in the air.  This always precedes an earthquake at least 6.5 magnitude somewhere in the world.  The three days prior to the Japan quake my daughter and I both had severe symptoms so bad we could not function.  Unfortunately, I don't have this prediction method fine-tuned enough to tell where it will happen.  I believe that this has something to do with the electro-magnetic field and that some people are more affected by this than others.  This also means that something is going on for the 72 hours in our global electro-magnetic field.

Today I found this report on YouTube:
This person personally saw one of the vents that are being talked about in the article that has hit the mainstream internet. He references the article Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake ... which you may want to check out.  What the heck - vents going off around supposedly dormant volcanoes in the Midwest region?  Does this have anything to do with the recent Sun spot activity and how it affects our Earth's magnetic field?  Will earthquakes follow?

And are the strange sounds being heard all over the world related to fault lines or the magnetic field of the earth?

Just in case I am correct (many of the visions of future events I've seen have come to pass) please be prepared and get a several month supply of food and a way to get water (rain barrel or stream), water filter device, a temporary shelter (tent) and a method of heating (wood stove) and get armed for protection.  Put together a "go bag" with essentials that you keep in your car in case you can't get in your house.  Also it is a good idea to keep your car at no less than 1/2 tank full of gas at all times.

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