Thursday, September 5, 2013

Visions of War and Volcano

I often get messages and visions far in advance of the event, sometimes years ahead.  Six years ago I saw Israeli jets flying into what I think is Iran, but perhaps Syria.  There were hundreds of them, all bombing the hell out of someone in relentless pursuit.  Next I saw American ships with big guns sending missiles towards Syria.  Iran gets into it - and then someone attacks us on American soil from within the country, and missiles sent from a long way away. 

That same vision has been shown to me at least 20 times. 

I hate to even think that something like this could come true, but now in light of recent events it looks like it may.  All I can say is we need to be prepared and stock up on food and other items just in case the worst happens. 

Also - I've mentioned this before - I'm still having visions of a volcano erupting in Alaska, and it gets clearer and clearer each time.  This means it is close to happening.  It is luckily in a pretty remote area so not many people are directly affected, but it does create a huge ash cloud which affects a large area. 

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