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12.12.12. - The Shift

The past few years, I've been seeing 11:11 everywhere - I wrote about this some time ago in this blog, but the past few days every time I look at a clock it says 12:12 and the number 12 has been showing up in the oddest places.  I meditated on it and heard this from my guides "11:11 on 12/12" and "11:11 on 12/21/12".  I got the message that these are very important times and dates and that is has everything to do with not only our own spiritual growth but changes in the cosmos.  In doing research I found that the Earth will NOT be lining up with planets or even in a significant place lining up with the Dark Rift.  It will take 20 years for use to travel through the plane of he Dark Rift.  There is a lot of false information going around about the Earth lining up with the sun, Jupiter, and Orion, and even other planets. What is actually happening is called a Dark Rift Conjunction.  That day is also the Winter Solstice.  In looking at that last date I realized tha…

Flooding in the Northeast and HAARP

I had to share this information:  Five years ago my deceased grandfather, who seems to specialize in future catastrophic events, started showing me Earth changes.  One of the things he kept showing me over and over, and more frequently as time went on, was a huge storm and flooding in the Northeast, with pictures of flooding around New York, the coast, and the boardwalk.  This was a significant event- so significant that he started showing this to me years ago.

Most future events are only shown to me shortly before the event happens, but I've determined lately that the bigger the event, the earlier it starts to appear to me.  I wrote about this storm years ago on my other website which is now down, but shared it with a number of people.  Here is the thing - I don't feel that the real danger is over and that there is something else looming that could occur.  I have not been shown what this is - however, logically it may be the Nuclear power plants in the area.

Now for another r…

And now for some Good News

In the midst all the gloom and doom prophesies that have been rampant the past few years about 2012 ( my own included) I'd like to share some of the more positive information about Earth's future that I've received during Remote Viewing sessions as of late.

I believe that these events occur after the Shift happens on December 21, 2012 and we are in the Fifth Dimension.

I've seen future events on an Earth that is very clean and healthy. Apparently, we have learned to take care of the planet. I sense a higher consciousness among everyone. A lot of people have a garden. The grass is different - it is all the same type.  The houses are smaller.  In one vision, we all have a small flying car in our driveways and I get in one, push a few buttons and take off without having to use a steering wheel.  These vehicles are built for one or two people only and are used for short trips around town - not for long distance travel-- and we all still have our old cars and use the roads.…

The Tones

Ever since I attended the Star People Gathering in Warsaw, Missouri where we called in the Star People on Oct 14 I have been hearing these strange tones. 
It sounds like a mechanical mid-tone, with a low wa wa wa undertone, then a higher harmonic over it.  My husband even heard it two nights ago and asked me what the sound was.  It almost sounded like a train, but we decided it wasn't.  I started hearing this sound the day after our event and it has gotten louder and louder.  It is not a constant thing - only intermittent.  Today the sound came over Skype during my radio show and we could not get rid of it and had to cancel the show!  It was not audible except through the headphones.  I have a recording of it which I'll post on my website at in the next few days.  
I feel that this is not something mechanical, rather that it is something spiritual or from the other side, and since it has only been happening since the gathering I wonder if it is not connected.

Earthquake Predictions

I've now come to the conclusion that some of us have the physical ability to predict earthquakes.  It is not an exact science by any means, but something that scientists should be investigating.  I know of six people now who experience dizziness  nausea, and headaches prior to major earthquakes.  In my case, it is 24-36 hours before the event occurs.  My daughter experiences the same thing, and just prior to the large Japan quake last year I could not walk without assistance, and she could not get out of bed for three days.  The larger the quake, the more severe the symptoms, but it also has to do with the depth of the earthquake as well.  The deeper the quake, the less severe the symptoms. However, the problem is that we cannot tell where the event will occur, only that it will occur.  Does this mean that we are picking up changes in the Earth's electro-magnetic field all over the globe?  Is there some way to measure this with electronic equipment so that scientists can pred…

The Light

In speaking with other people lately who are getting the same messages that I am, I've come to the conclusion that I'm right about my earlier predictions regarding a major Earth shift happening now.  If you take a look at all of the recent reports of "A bright light in the sky," " A wheel within a wheel," "A flashing bright light with multiple colors," it is obvious that there is something unusual going on.  All of these reports are so similar- so could they be the same thing in different parts of the world?

I was focused on the high number of reports from the Kansas City area alone starting in late April of 2012 while taking UFO reports, but it didn't take long to realize that these sightings are occurring on a national and international level.  I've seen "The Light," myself, as we've come to call it, at least a dozen times, including last night with five other witnesses right after a UFO meeting in Westport.  The Light is …

Messages from ETs and more

I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people lately who want to know if I've been getting any new messages. I have, but hesitated to write them here, because it is a mix of good news and what some would interpret as negative news.

The Messages from ETs are: 

A large fiery object will hit the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere.  I was shown this on a screen but can't tell for sure if it is an asteroid or representing something coming from the Sun.  No time is given for this event, but "soon" is what I hear. We are all being moved into a state of higher consciousness, this has been ramped up in the past 40 years, and is culminating to a peak on Dec 21, 2012 when our Earth is in alignment with the center of  our galaxy.  This will be the most energy the Earth can handle at this time.  Those in a state of awareness know this is happening without anyone telling them.  Those who are at a lower vibratory rate may not be conscious of this shift, nevertheless, it affects t…

Update on Missouri/Mississippi Earthquate and Floods

The messages I am getting - and channeling - are not based in fear, rather, they are a message to those who will listen that this is coming soon and to prepare for it mentally and physically. People can choose to stay where they are or move to another location if they wish to remain in this lifetime for a longer period. Of course, we are only in this body for a short time anyway, and this is only a small portion of our soul's journey. Whether we are in this body or not, is insignificant in the scheme of things, since we are all on a road to higher consciousness.

I believe that the message from the ancient ones came through me in order to make certain that there are some people remaining on the Earth in this region who do have a higher consciousness, in order to assist those who have not yet awakened. The message may have been given in an ancient tongue because the Native Americans are more open and advanced than most of the remainder of society in the U.S. and will be more li…

Dizziness and Earthquake Predictions

I got very dizzy and slightly nauseous this morning and saw the air shaking again.  I found out later that there was an earthquake in Mexico City today but did not see what time this occurred. The dizziness and shaking air are now gone. After experiencing this many times I am now completely convinced that the electro-magnetic field of the Earth is affected all over by earthquakes, and that this may be the reason why dogs get lost a few days prior to the events in the area of the epicenter. 

We need to do more research on this - perhaps some humans are more sensitive to changes in the electro-magnetic field and are picking up the same things that dogs do, which affects our sense of balance. 

I sense that things are heating up and that we will be experiencing more frequent Earth changes in 2012.  As I write this, the dizziness has returned, so we'll see if another high-magnitude quake happens soon.

Messages from Ancient Native Americans about our Future

I recently experienced something that I used to be very skeptical about. I wasn't convinced that people could channel another entity through them and allow the entity to speak. But that is exactly what happened to me just a few weeks ago while meeting with some other “Star People” who have had encounters with Extraterrestrials and who are psychic, as I am. There were three Native Americans present and we had just spent the entire day together. I was doing body scan readings for the group when an entity asked if he could speak through me. I did not sense any harm in doing so and asked the others in the room if they minded. They did not, so I said yes to this unknown being.
He said his last incarnation on this planet was 50,000 years ago and that he wanted to give a message to the people. (A few days later he told me his name was “El.” Then an unknown language came forth and spoke through me using my voice. I had no idea what, if anything, it said or what it meant. Dur…

New Madrid Earthquake Predictions

 For at least three years now I've been having visions of a New Madrid Fault earthquake, and as time goes on the visions get stronger and more clear.  When that happens, that means that the event is getting closer.  Unfortunately, so far I have been unable to see the exact time when an event will occur.  I get the sense, however, that this is near in the future. 

3/14/12: Last night I had a vision dream that my secretary and I were in our  studio building when the building started shaking violently. We realized that an earthquake was happening, and both made it outside where we watched that building and our office building next door as they were both visibly shaking, and some parts of the structures were falling off of them. I realized that this was a vision dream of a future event and that it was going to happen soon. I also saw that it was during they daytime in warm weather.
Kansas City (where I live) is a long way from the New Madrid Fault. So if an earthquake happens th…

The Big News About 2012

By Margie Kay
QUEST Investigation Group

Now that you've read some of the visions I've been shown of the future that aren't so great, there IS good news that I've also been shown and want to share with you.  This information was given to me by my guides, which include White Cloud, who is a Native American Shaman, and my deceased grandfather, who seems to specialize in global events, and also Mantis, the ET who contacts me telepathically.  Some vision dreams have come to me as well. 

The Earth is in the process of moving into the 5th dimension. This is a place of higher vibration and consciousness.  The culmination of this shift will occur on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM.  For those of you who have been seeing 11:11 everywhere in your lives, this is one reason why - it is a message from the Universe. 

11:11 12-21-12
Everyone on the planet who has obtained a rate of vibration and consciousness compatible with the 5th Dimension will move into t…

2012 Predictions


These are visions I've been shown using various methods.  I don't claim to understand all of them or what the meaning is, or what it means for our future.  Take it for what it is worth.  Some of these were obtained in the past five years and I have only published a few of them on different chat lists.  I am not going to publish events that have already occurred to date (January 5, 2012) since there is no way to verify them, so from now on I'll only be posting new information and information I've received in the past that has not yet occurred.

Earth Cataclysms: 
1.) Earthquake or volcano in Alaska - this will be very large and affect a large area, so I'm leaning towards an earthquake happening near a volcano. I hear the number 8, so it must be an 8.0 or higher.

2.) After this event, an earthquake in the 7-8 magnitude or a 7.8 magnitude will occur in southern California.  This will be quite devastating and a huge opening will be seen in the earth. P…
Welcome to the 2012 Predictions Blog by Margie Kay.  After careful consideration I have decided to publicly post my predictions for 2012 and beyond in order to let people know what is happening.  I will also be including predictions and visions from other people I have been working with.

Some Background on the method I use to obtain information on future events:
I was given psychic abilities by ETs who have apparently been visiting me since I was 16 months old.  I learned this through hypnosis by trained therapists. My first session was in 1993 when I was trying to figure out what happened in 1987 and found that there was an implant removed from my navel that was placed there by ETs.  Since then, I have been visited on numerous occasions, with the more recent visits since 2012 being when I was fully conscious.  I can now contact one particular Praying Mantis being, who says he has been by guide for many centuries through many lifetimes on Earth.  He told me to call him "Mantis&quo…