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12.12.12. - The Shift

The past few years, I've been seeing 11:11 everywhere - I wrote about this some time ago in this blog, but the past few days every time I look at a clock it says 12:12 and the number 12 has been showing up in the oddest places.  I meditated on it and heard this from my guides "11:11 on 12/12" and "11:11 on 12/21/12".  I got the message that these are very important times and dates and that is has everything to do with not only our own spiritual growth but changes in the cosmos.  In doing research I found that the Earth will NOT be lining up with planets or even in a significant place lining up with the Dark Rift.  It will take 20 years for use to travel through the plane of he Dark Rift.  There is a lot of false information going around about the Earth lining up with the sun, Jupiter, and Orion, and even other planets. What is actually happening is called a Dark Rift Conjunction.  That day is also the Winter Solstice.  In looking at that last date I realized tha…