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Earth Changes Coming Soon

The past two weeks have been somewhat overwhelming with the amount of information that has been pouring in  - and without doing much meditation.  Most of what I'm seeing is in dreams or appears during waking hours, inconveniently while I'm working. I guess is is so important that the message will find a way to get through somehow even when I've got my mind on other things during the busy season for my business.

Anyway, here is what is coming through:

1. A large pandemic, probably the flu and pneumonia with people sick everywhere.  It starts in China and quickly moves to Canada and the U.S. and Europe.  This is a virulent strain that there is no vaccine for and is resistant to treatment.  I advise everyone to keep away from crowds and wear a mask when you must go out.  It will get worse over the winter and die out by summer, 2014. Oddly, I hear the word "whiskey," which may help keep it at bay. Bone up on the immune system helpers like vitamin C.

2. Earthquakes worl…