Friday, December 6, 2013

Earth Changes Coming Soon

The past two weeks have been somewhat overwhelming with the amount of information that has been pouring in  - and without doing much meditation.  Most of what I'm seeing is in dreams or appears during waking hours, inconveniently while I'm working. I guess is is so important that the message will find a way to get through somehow even when I've got my mind on other things during the busy season for my business.

Anyway, here is what is coming through:

1. A large pandemic, probably the flu and pneumonia with people sick everywhere.  It starts in China and quickly moves to Canada and the U.S. and Europe.  This is a virulent strain that there is no vaccine for and is resistant to treatment.  I advise everyone to keep away from crowds and wear a mask when you must go out.  It will get worse over the winter and die out by summer, 2014. Oddly, I hear the word "whiskey," which may help keep it at bay. Bone up on the immune system helpers like vitamin C.

2. Earthquakes worldwide increasing in number and strength - quakes happening where they have not before, and I am still seeing the New Madrid fault quake at a 10.0. However, rods inserted into the ends of the fault line by Star People may lower the intensity.  Flooding from the Mississippi and Missouri rivers is very very bad.

3. Increased numbers of dead birds, fish, and animals in mass quantities worldwide, and unexplained.   This has something do to with the Earth's magnetic field going haywire. Strange sounds will continue to be heard and this is also related.  There will be a rash of strange booms and sounds over a short period of time, then it will die off.  This should happen in May of 2014.

4.  Power outages across a major portion of the United States due to an X-class Sun flare - there is nothing we can do to stop it.  This will go on for months.  BE PREPARED with food, supplies and water and a way to protect yourself from those who want to take your stuff from you.

5. Strong storms, bitter cold, ice and snow across the Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest U.S. (unusual), power outages due to storms and ice, people leaving their homes for shelters because of the cold. BE PREPARED with a wood-burning stove or masonry heater and plenty of wood to burn through the long winter. Note: A Fireplace does NOT heat the home, it actually takes more heat from the house than it puts in it.  Install a high-efficiency fireplace insert, freestanding stove, or masonry heater.  Visit for more information.

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