Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Un-X News Magazine is looking for writers to submit articles for possible inclusion in a future issue. We need articles that are 1,000 - 1500 words in length covering real events (no fiction). Topics should be in the paranormal field and include haunted sites, portals, Bigfoot or other unexplained creatures, UFOs, aliens, abductions, time travel - anything weird, strange or unexplained. Photos desired but not required. 

Un-X will compensate the writer with a 1/4 page display ad or a classified ad. A short bio will be included at the end of the article. 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Increase in Negative Entity Attacks May be Due to Dimensional Shift

I am getting requests for help with negative entity attacks from all over the world recently and believe that it is not isolated. There is something happening right now that is allowing more of these entities to gain access to living humans and I believe it has to do with the dimensional shift that is happening right now. The negative energies have always been around, but are more noticed now because people are becoming more aware. The phenomenon is real, it is not imagined.

People may experience a feeling of oppression, dark energy, depression, anxiety, or anger without knowing why these things are happening or even it if is their own emotions. In some cases, the entities make themselves visible - other times they are not. They may attack people in different ways - choking, scratching, biting, punching, etc. and sometimes will sit on your chest and try to crush  the air out of you to steal your life force (a succubus). Occasionally, these entities will become audible and say a word or sentence that will scare the life out of you.

There are some strong negative entities that go in and out of human bodies at will, especially during a time of weakness such as illness, depression, or drinking alcohol. Some of these entities are reptilians, others are demonic, or just strong negative energies. They thrive on fear, anger, depression, and disruption of the family and your life.

Even I have been attacked and I have witnessed it happen to others.

There are some things I've found that will help to keep negative entities at bay and some things not to do:

1. Do not acknowledge the negative energy's existence and certainly do not challenge them or scream at them. It only fuels them.
2. Do not talk about the negative entity in your home or car, or work. If you must talk about it go somewhere where you have never been before. Writing about it does not seem to matter much, so email is OK.
3. Keep calm and quiet in the house - no arguing or shouting, that only fuels the entity
4. Do not play heavy metal music - the minor keys attract negative energies
5. Keep TV and radio at low volume
6. Play music in a major key - classical and jazz and rock are best
7. Keep a light on or candle lit in the room- a nightlight while sleeping is good- the negative energies hate light. Let lots of light in during the day from the sun.
8. Place a clear quartz crystal in each room in the house - they hate that. Keep a quartz crystal around your neck or in your pocket.
9. Move the furniture around and beds. Place the head of the bed facing east if possible.
10. Paint the walls a light color if they are not already. Dark colors attract negativity.
11. Wear white, then wear black, and see what happens. Sometimes black clothing repels them, other times white works better.
12.  Basically, if you have been dealing with this one way and it is not working, try the polar opposite and you may see results. 

The dimensional shift is bringing us all to a higher awareness level- and with that comes the ability to see and feel the good along with the bad, although, there really is no "good" or "bad," things just are.  I know, it is difficult concept to grasp. But as soon as we realize this and take a step back, and remove the fear from the situation-- it resolves. We create our own reality. Know that and make your own reality happen they way you want it to.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prepare for Ebola and Other Viruses in 2014

As most of my readers know, one of the things I specialize in is seeing future events that affect many people. Unfortunately, this is one of those instances and I feel compelled to let as many people as possible know that I am seeing at least one viral outbreak and perhaps two - which include two different viruses. The worst is to come this late fall and winter. Both will be worldwide problems and many people will die.
As first reported at Infowars.com it appears that the Ebola Virus has mutated and is a much more serious threat than previously thought. Michael T Osterholm, director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota said in an New York Tines article on September 11 that "The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has the potential to alter history as much as any plague has ever done."
According to the World Health Organization  more than 4, 200 cases and 2,300 deaths over the past six months have been reported, and that by early October there may be thousands of new cases per week in Nigeria, guinea and Liberia. 

Should the outbreak reach major cities in Africa the chances of the disease spreading to other parts of the world are greatly increased.The virus currently is only transmitted through bodily fluids, but should it mutate further and become airborne, Bbola could quickly spread to other continents as did the H1N1 influenza virus in 2009.

Osterholm said that the world is not prepared to do what is necessary to end the epidemic. The United Nations is not currently in charge of the situation, but should be in order to do things like secure aircraft and landing rights. Many private airlines are refusing to fly in to the affected areas, thereby making it very difficult to deploy supplies and personnel. Over 120 health care workers have died, leaving an inadequate number of doctors and nurses to handle the situation. If the U.N. was in charge efforts could be coordinated and controlled.
This is the time to think about taking natural immune system boosters such as Carnivora, Larch, high doses of Vitamin C, oregano oil, colloidal silver, Japanese mushrooms, etc. in an effort to suppress the virus. Dr. Oz recommends consuming cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage, which support the liver and immune function, and ginger, which breaks down toxins in the lungs and sinuses and cleanses the lymphatic system. 

Ask your naturopathic Doctor for further advice on immune system boosters as M.D.s rarely offer such information. I am taking several of the above listed items and plan not to go out to places with high numbers of people like concerts, malls, and events in order to reduce my risk of exposure to the flu or any other any virus. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lines of Latitude and UFO/Paranormal Hot Spots

In 2006, after seeing a very strange event occur over the RLDS Temple in Independence, Missouri, I was prompted to investigate building locations in relation to UFO and paranormal sightings. This led to the discovery of several ley lines and key lines of latitude in Missouri and across the United States at 39, 38, and 37 degrees latitude.

The event which occurred was a bright beam of light shining through very low clouds to the top of the antenna on top of the spiral shaped RLDS Temple. Just prior to seeing this beam of light coming from an unknown source above the clouds, a strange cloud covered the entire structure from 20' from the ground up. The cloud them moved up and that is when I saw the beam of light. I received a telepathic communication from someone on a craft above the clouds. This person indicated that messages were being transmitted via light to equipment inside the temple.

Along each of these degrees, and for several miles on either side of the lines, are where an unusually high number of strange sightings and events occur. At 39 degrees latitude we find the RLDS temple, the Liberty Memorial, a major key ley line position that is positioned N-S and E-W (see the book The World Grid), and one of the biggest UFO hot spots in the United States - Kansas City (specifically eastern Jackson County). There are also a high number of paranormal events reported in the area which included sightings of unknown large animals, ghosts, poltergeists, men in black, shadow people, animal mutilations, and orbs of light.

Things get very strange along 38 degrees latitude as well. Several witnesses have reported bigfoot sightings, UFOs, close encounters with aliens and craft, and animal mutilations. The strange occurrences seem to follow a 40-year cycle as many events were reported in the 1970's and are again happening in high numbers. one animal mutilation (The Lynn Mitchell case) was covered on the TV show Hangar One recently.

And at 37 degrees in Missouri we have the Hornet Spook Light which has been reported for 200 years, UFO sightings in high numbers, the Marley Woods area which has been investigated by Ted Phillips for over 20 years and which includes bigfoot encounters, UFOs, strange orbs, and unseen forces that harm people. Ted, who never believed in ghosts until recently has now changed his mind since a police officer was attacked by a ghostly arm.

37 degrees latitude also marks the high UFO sighting area of Piedmont, Missouri, which had over 500 sighting reports in 1973-74 with credible witnesses. The events were covered by Walter Cronkite and investigated by J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Harley Rutledge. Rutledge was able to obtain footage of the strange orbs of light and UFOs in the area. While interviewing several local Piedmont residents I found that the UFO sightings never stopped and they continue to this day. The media either lost interest or were asked to stop covering the events. I am currently investigating Piedmont and a major ongoing case there which includes UFO sightings, alien sightings, a bigfoot, and unexplained strange behavior of family members and neighbors, and a suicide which occurred after an odd visit from a strange man.

In 2012, while discussing the strange animal mutilations in Missouri and Colorado with Chuck Zukowski, I point out the strange events happening along 39, 38 and 37 degrees latitude to Chuck. He then got out his map of animal mutilations in Colorado and sure enough, they coincided with lines of latitude as well, and odly, we noted that the mutilations were occurring in Missouri and Colorado within days of each other. Did this indicate that whoever or whatever was doing the mutilating was following lines of latitude and the World Energy Grid?

I have long suspected that UFOs are using the grid as an energy source and means of traveling around the world while in our atmosphere. This realization occurred while I was remote viewing a past event for another ufologist. During the RV session I saw a ball of energy shoot out from a craft, follow a grid line across the U.S. then cause a plane to crash.

What do degrees of latitude, ley lines, and structures have to do with strange unexplained events? Do certain areas create a more intense energy that form a portal or window to other dimensions? And have buildings been built at key locations in an effort to harness or increase this energy? Is this what UFOs are interested in? Clearly, there are more questions than answers, but one thing is for sure - there is something strange going on in the vicinity of these energy centers.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are Increased UFO Sightings Signs of a Coming Big Global Event?

As a UFO investigator for over 30 years, and working as the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON since 2010 I've noticed a trend in UFO sightings. They are increasing exponentially across the globe and especially in certain places we all "UFO Hot Spots."

Missouri is one of those hot spots. Missouri is continually in the top four states in the nation the past four years for UFO activity. California, Texas, and Pennsylvania are commonly in the top three. The places in Missouri that have the most UFO and orb sightings are Springfield and south to the Arkansas border, Columbia, St. Louis, Rich Hill, and Eastern Jackson County which includes Independence, Raytown, Blue Springs, and Lee's Summit.

Mississippi River at flood stage
Strangely, the types of UFOs being seen used to be craft of different shapes but as of the past few months the most common type are orbs. Orbs can include what are described as balls of light, flaming fireballs, or just lights. Speculation as to what these balls of lights are runs from probes from a larger ship, spirits, or even tiny craft. Some photos taken by me and other investigators actually show what look like small alien being inside the craft (see photos in my upcoming book The Kansas City UFO Flap). If these are indeed tiny beings inside small craft or probing orbs, what are they hear for and why are they seen in larger numbers than before?

Many ufologists believe that it is a sign that something big is about to happen. What that could be is anybody's guess, but I think it has to do with international disclosure that aliens exist and are here on Earth, as well as a large natural disaster about to take place. The hot spot in Missouri may have to do with the New Madrid Fault, which according to geologists, is on a 75-year cycle and now overdue for a large quake. This is the site of the 1811-1812 quakes which rocked the area constantly for four months, caused the Mississippi river to flow backward and change its route, and rang church bells were felt as far away as Boston.

Earthquake fissure filled with intruded sand, formed
at the time of the New Madrid earthquake.
Mississippi County, Arkansas, 1904.
From USGS.gov
From an article on the USGS website: "On December 15, 1811, John Bradbury, a Scottish naturalist, was headed down the Mississippi River with a party of boatmen. They were tied up for the night just upstream from the Chicksaw Bluffs (the future Memphis) and Bradbury was fast asleep when "a most tremendous noise" panicked the group. "All nature seemed running into chaos," he later wrote, "as wild fowl fled, trees snapped and river banks tumbled into the water." Bradbury recorded twenty-seven shocks."Called the New Madrid Earthquake, largely because New Madrid (Missouri) was the closest settlement, the quake acturally began along the Saint Francis River in Arkansas some sixty-five miles southwest of New Madrid. Bradbury was closer to the epicenter than the residents of the town of New Madrid who were awakened by shaking houses and falling chimneys".

Damage by the 1874 separate quakes between December and March, and the epicenter moved closet to New Madrid. In February, 1812 the residents deserted the area which had become uninhabitable.
The 1811-1812 earthquakes were a continuation in a series of quakes noted in 1699, 1776, 1779, 1792, 1795, and 1804, with some of these possibly being stronger than the later earthquakes.

The USGS said that "If another quake of the magnitude of the New Madrid Quake of 1811 should hit the region, it would be the worst natural disaster in American history. Especially vulnerable are buildings of brick and concrete. Almost all of downtown Memphis would fall. The highways and interstate systems would be shattered and bridges destroyed. Massive gas line ruptures would threaten life and property. If the Mississippi River were already near flood stage, the destruction of levees could result in the flooding of perhaps a quarter of the state (of Arkansas). Overall the loss of life could run into the hundreds of thousands."

Ufologists have long known that balls of light are often seen prior to earthquakes. Perhaps this is a factor with the orb sightings in Missouri and surrounding states. Certainly, if a big earthquake did happen near New Madrid, the entire U.S. or even the world would be affected. Perhaps this is an explanation for the increase in UFO activity around the globe.
When remote-viewing future events I have continually seen a very large, possibly 10.0 earthquake at New Madrid which affects the entire globe. It causes other faults to shift on the opposite side of the world. Massive flooding occurs, especially along the south part of the Missouri river in Missouri, and along the Mississippi river from St. Louis to New Orleans. These visions continue to be more frequent and more detailed since they started three years ago. As for me, I'm doing all I can to be prepared for such a disaster, and I suggest that others do the same. I hope this never happens but the odds are, unfortunately, that it will. See more information at www.usgs.gov

Get a copy of Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country—Your Handbook for Earthquakes in the Central United States by the U.S. Geological Survey contributors: Richard Dart, Jill McCarthy, Natasha McCallister, and Robert A. Williams  http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/119/

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New predictions for 2014 and beyond

It's been a while since I've posted predictions, not because the information hasn't been coming in but because of my busy schedule lately.  If anything, more information has been presented than ever. The problem is that with our shift in energy that so much is going on spiritually, psychically, and even physically that it is hard to keep up with everything that people are experiencing.

What I'm seeing is that there is more paranormal activity, more UFO sightings, and more orb activity than ever happening right now, and many people want answers that they are not getting. The reports come in to Quest Investigation group so fast that our team is unable to take all of the cases to investigate. Right now I'm working on no less than six major individual paranormal/UFO cases and one UFO flap. Everyone wants to know what is going on.

Now for what is coming. Once again, my guides are White Cloud, my grandfather, Mantis (ET), Valient Thor and Teal (ETs), and an ancient Native American who calls himself EL or the representative of EL. And there are times when I simply remote view to see what is happening in the past, present, or future.

  • We will find out before the end of the year that there is indisputable evidence of habitation on the Earth's Moon not only from ancient times but more recent. 
  • I am still seeing flooding from the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and an earthquake that causes it. Buildings falling down in St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville and everywhere in-between. I hear 10.0 for the size of the quake. I do not have a date on this but the time is getting closer. There is a color of blue in relation to this event which I cannot understand yet. I see tepees set up everywhere - people are living in them instead of houses. 
  • Jeb Bush will run for President.
  • There is a very real threat coming from China and Russia - they will join together against the U.S. There is a long-term plan to dominate the world ecomomically. I see a threat coming from the east and west coasts and from the south moving in all at the same time. This is either flood water or troops. It is not clear yet.   
  • The truth about a lot of missing people is going to come out this year - and it will be paranormal in nature. 
More to come....

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