Thursday, October 2, 2014

Increase in Negative Entity Attacks May be Due to Dimensional Shift

I am getting requests for help with negative entity attacks from all over the world recently and believe that it is not isolated. There is something happening right now that is allowing more of these entities to gain access to living humans and I believe it has to do with the dimensional shift that is happening right now. The negative energies have always been around, but are more noticed now because people are becoming more aware. The phenomenon is real, it is not imagined.

People may experience a feeling of oppression, dark energy, depression, anxiety, or anger without knowing why these things are happening or even it if is their own emotions. In some cases, the entities make themselves visible - other times they are not. They may attack people in different ways - choking, scratching, biting, punching, etc. and sometimes will sit on your chest and try to crush  the air out of you to steal your life force (a succubus). Occasionally, these entities will become audible and say a word or sentence that will scare the life out of you.

There are some strong negative entities that go in and out of human bodies at will, especially during a time of weakness such as illness, depression, or drinking alcohol. Some of these entities are reptilians, others are demonic, or just strong negative energies. They thrive on fear, anger, depression, and disruption of the family and your life.

Even I have been attacked and I have witnessed it happen to others.

There are some things I've found that will help to keep negative entities at bay and some things not to do:

1. Do not acknowledge the negative energy's existence and certainly do not challenge them or scream at them. It only fuels them.
2. Do not talk about the negative entity in your home or car, or work. If you must talk about it go somewhere where you have never been before. Writing about it does not seem to matter much, so email is OK.
3. Keep calm and quiet in the house - no arguing or shouting, that only fuels the entity
4. Do not play heavy metal music - the minor keys attract negative energies
5. Keep TV and radio at low volume
6. Play music in a major key - classical and jazz and rock are best
7. Keep a light on or candle lit in the room- a nightlight while sleeping is good- the negative energies hate light. Let lots of light in during the day from the sun.
8. Place a clear quartz crystal in each room in the house - they hate that. Keep a quartz crystal around your neck or in your pocket.
9. Move the furniture around and beds. Place the head of the bed facing east if possible.
10. Paint the walls a light color if they are not already. Dark colors attract negativity.
11. Wear white, then wear black, and see what happens. Sometimes black clothing repels them, other times white works better.
12.  Basically, if you have been dealing with this one way and it is not working, try the polar opposite and you may see results. 

The dimensional shift is bringing us all to a higher awareness level- and with that comes the ability to see and feel the good along with the bad, although, there really is no "good" or "bad," things just are.  I know, it is difficult concept to grasp. But as soon as we realize this and take a step back, and remove the fear from the situation-- it resolves. We create our own reality. Know that and make your own reality happen they way you want it to.

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