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Increase in Negative Entity Attacks May be Due to Dimensional Shift

I am getting requests for help with negative entity attacks from all over the world recently and believe that it is not isolated. There is something happening right now that is allowing more of these entities to gain access to living humans and I believe it has to do with the dimensional shift that is happening right now. The negative energies have always been around, but are more noticed now because people are becoming more aware. The phenomenon is real, it is not imagined.

People may experience a feeling of oppression, dark energy, depression, anxiety, or anger without knowing why these things are happening or even it if is their own emotions. In some cases, the entities make themselves visible - other times they are not. They may attack people in different ways - choking, scratching, biting, punching, etc. and sometimes will sit on your chest and try to crush  the air out of you to steal your life force (a succubus). Occasionally, these entities will become audible and say a w…