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Etheric Viewing the Collective Unconscious

What is happening now in the Collective Unconscious and Akashic Record

By Margie Kay
This topic seems to be on people’s minds lately – what exactly is the Collective Unconscious? Since it is something not readily visible the answer is somewhat elusive, and perhaps perceived differently by each individual.
The CU is not the Akashic Record, which is a record on the spiritual plane that has information from the past, present, and future about everything and everyone who ever existed, and every event that has occurred.  Rather, the CU is a connection that we have to the unconscious mind of all living – and non-living things. Yes, stones, mountains, and even planets have a consciousness as well.
There are two methods to successfully connect with the CU. The first method is connection through meditation. By reaching a trance-like state during meditation, a person can connect to the CU through intent. This is a form of telepathy. Questions may be asked of the CU and answers will likely quick…

Earthquake Predictions for NOW

After the earthquakes the past few days I remote-viewed what is going on and it appears that the ring of fire, as I mentioned in this blog in 2011, has started to become much more active with larger and more devastating earthquakes. I now see a very large earthquake in Alaska, over 8.0, several smaller ones in California, then a line straight East to the New Madrid fault. I'm hearing 10.0 with that one, and this will be felt worldwide.

This intense earthquake activity is usually preceded by extreme dizziness for me, which is my indicator as to how big the quake will be. However, this did not occur this past week. Instead I am having severe back and hip pain that will not allow me to walk, stand, or sit. I spoke to two other sensitives to day that are having the same thing happen. This may be related to the earthquakes. The pain is not letting up, so I feel that there is more to come. I strongly feel very big Earth changes happening right now.

A word to the wise:  BE PREPARED with…