Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on Missouri/Mississippi Earthquate and Floods

The messages I am getting - and channeling - are not based in fear, rather, they are a message to those who will listen that this is coming soon and to prepare for it mentally and physically. People can choose to stay where they are or move to another location if they wish to remain in this lifetime for a longer period. Of course, we are only in this body for a short time anyway, and this is only a small portion of our soul's journey. Whether we are in this body or not, is insignificant in the scheme of things, since we are all on a road to higher consciousness.

I believe that the message from the ancient ones came through me in order to make certain that there are some people remaining on the Earth in this region who do have a higher consciousness, in order to assist those who have not yet awakened. The message may have been given in an ancient tongue because the Native Americans are more open and advanced than most of the remainder of society in the U.S. and will be more likely to listen. But I certainly don't claim to know the full reason why any of this happened. I trust that spirit has a higher purpose and that I am only able to catch a glimpse of it periodically - being fed information slowly as I'm able to handle it, then sharing that information with others.

The message from the channeling was: There will be a very large earthquake along the New Madrid fault in the upper section where the Missouri and Mississippi rivers meet. The lower Missouri basin and upper Mississippi will flood severely, taking houses, boats, barges, trees along with it. There will be little, if any, warning prior to this event. The earthquake will destroy St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville along with all other towns along this path. I see the river widening as it goes through Southern states, however, that vision is not as clear or immediate. The latest message I got yesterday is that the Missouri will flood as far West as Carrollton, Missouri, completely wiping it out.

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