Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Predictions


These are visions I've been shown using various methods.  I don't claim to understand all of them or what the meaning is, or what it means for our future.  Take it for what it is worth.  Some of these were obtained in the past five years and I have only published a few of them on different chat lists.  I am not going to publish events that have already occurred to date (January 5, 2012) since there is no way to verify them, so from now on I'll only be posting new information and information I've received in the past that has not yet occurred.

Earth Cataclysms: 

1.) Earthquake or volcano in Alaska - this will be very large and affect a large area, so I'm leaning towards an earthquake happening near a volcano. I hear the number 8, so it must be an 8.0 or higher.

2.) After this event, an earthquake in the 7-8 magnitude or a 7.8 magnitude will occur in southern California.  This will be quite devastating and a huge opening will be seen in the earth. People will talk about it happening in the same place before. This will occur on a Full Moon.

3.) Next is a volcano in Italy.  The geologists are not surprised at this and will warn people before the event occurs, however, not everyone will be able to get out of the region in time.  I see lava going into the sea.

4.) Yellowstone Volcano and earthquakes.  This will be a "small" volcano, not the BIG one - this one will be larger than Mt. St. Helens was, however, and it triggers...

5.) The New Madrid Fault.  I've been seeing this vision for over three years.  All of the brick buildings and many of the newer steel buildings come down in Nashville, Memphis, and St. Louis.  All of the bridges are out over the Mississippi river for miles and miles and commerce is brought to a halt going east and west. The entire country is affected by this, and no food or gas is available.  I highly recommend being prepared and stocking up on food, supplies, and water. Get a water collection system and a wood-burning stove and stock up on wood.  The devastation is too much to recover from and FEMA and other governnent agencies are unable to help everyone.  The body count is astronomical.  The Mississippi river reverses flow and causes the Missouri river to flood.  The Mississippi changes course in several areas and a huge flood occurs in the southern states.  If you live near the river - please move away from it.  And think about security.  I see riots, stealing, and roaming bands of thieves.  Many people will be picked up and taken to FEMA station and jails, especially those people who have no food and can't take care of themselves.  Get prepared. It is a good idea anyway, even if this does not happen - and I'm hope I'm wrong.  I keep hearing 10.0 , 10.0. That is either the size of the quake at New Madrid or a quake that occurs in the Pacific ocean that triggers the New Madrid fault. 

6.) I see ALL coastlines in the entire world flooded and cities wiped out.  Please do not live on a coast line.

7.) This one is very hard to write about.  I was visited by an ET in May of 2011 who took me aboard a craft and showed me a screen with the earth on it as seen from space.  A very large fiery object hit the planet somewhere in Northeast Russia and rained down fiery rocks for miles.  The impact crater is miles across. This changes everything. Many people are killed, but it is not the end of the earth, the earth will remain. 

I wish I had more details on these visions sometimes. 

More to come soon.

Welcome to the 2012 Predictions Blog by Margie Kay.  After careful consideration I have decided to publicly post my predictions for 2012 and beyond in order to let people know what is happening.  I will also be including predictions and visions from other people I have been working with.

Some Background on the method I use to obtain information on future events:
I was given psychic abilities by ETs who have apparently been visiting me since I was 16 months old.  I learned this through hypnosis by trained therapists. My first session was in 1993 when I was trying to figure out what happened in 1987 and found that there was an implant removed from my navel that was placed there by ETs.  Since then, I have been visited on numerous occasions, with the more recent visits since 2012 being when I was fully conscious.  I can now contact one particular Praying Mantis being, who says he has been by guide for many centuries through many lifetimes on Earth.  He told me to call him "Mantis" since his name is unpronounceable. The ETs have given me new abilities,or increased existing abilities, almost on an annual basis since childhood.

I am now clairaudient, clairsentient, clarvoyant, can see inside of human beings and objects, can diagnose illness, see music and hear color,  and do remote viewing.  I cannot remote view through iron or cement for some reason and find it difficult to read myself or close family members or get the lottery numbers. I do my best reading on people I've never met.

I don't want to go into a long explanation of my history here but if you'd like to see more information about my experiences and abilities please visit or read the introduction in The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide.

I've also been contacted by a Native American chief named White Cloud, who teaches me while I am in a trance state.  He has shown me some healing methods and diagnostic methods, as well as secret Native American ways of telling the future, which I can't divulge here.

My deceased grandfather contacted me in the year 2000 and woke me up from a dead sleep at 3:00 am.  It was definitely his voice that I heard.  He died in 1972.  My grandfather said that he was the guardian of not only our family, but a larger group of people, and he was on a council of 13.  He said that I would be visited by 12 visitors who would help me and give me more information, but gave no time period for that to occur.  I was able to do automatic writing via the computer on that first night, and typed out three pages of instructions while in a trance state.  I was in shock over this and surprised that while I could talk to the dead for other people, he never contacted me and I was unable to contact him until that time.  Shortly after I was contacted by White Cloud.

In 2008 my 2 1/2 year old grandson suddenly turned to his mother and said "Grandma is going to be visited by twelve - a dozen - aliens."  He said this again after she asked him to repeat it.  He had been asleep just prior to this statement.  My daughter said he spoke like an older man, not like a child.  He certainly had not been exposed to aliens and they had not been discussing that or me before he went to sleep. 

In 2012 I had real-time visitations by aliens on May 1 and November 9, then in May of 2011 I had missing time and while remote viewing the past saw a vision of the future while on board a craft.  Then an abduction occurred in 2011 while I was with another person driving to an investigation and I was again shown future events. 

I obtain information about future events by using the following methods: 

- Telepathically contact Mantis
- Go into a light meditative state and contact White Cloud
- Go into a light meditative state and remote view in the future
- Go into a ligh tmeditative state and contact my deceased grandfather
- I am sometimes taken by ETs aboard a craft and shown future events on a screen of some type.
- If someone asks me a question I am sometimes shown a vision without going into a meditative state.

I have found that the events I've been shown in the past few years, especially those from my grandfather who seems to specialize in world catastrophes, have been extremely accurate.  Getting a timetable on this is the most difficult thing to do, but I am shown things in order of occurrence.   For instance, I was shown earthquakes in Mexico City, then Chile, then Indonesia, and then Japan.  These all happened in order.  I was not shown the size of the quakes in numbers, but was shown a map and a ring pattern in red at the location of the quake, and I noticed that the larger the rings, the bigger the quake was. 

So with that I'll say watch for my future posts on predictions for 2012...

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