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Northern Catasrophie?

Last night I was meditating and thought I would try to remote view the next future catastrophic world event. I normally don't do this unless I have a communication from one of my guides, and in the case of world events it usually my grandfather who contacts me. However, no such thing happened this time and the idea seemingly was my own.

As I did so I was immediately drawn out and up to the point where I could see Canada and Alaska. Next I saw a long narrow band of what looked like white snow and ice very far North, either break off the polar ice cap or an earthquake occurred which looked like a long horizontal dark line going through Canada and Alaska, then into Siberia. I was then just over Sibera looking at a gigantic chasm in the ice or tundra. There were nomadic people in the area looking at this huge crack that was miles long.

I have to interpret this as a massive earthquake perhaps initiated by polar ice breaking off, or vice-versa. I got no timeline, but it is "next.&…