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ET Transmission About Wormholes

Last night as I was trying to get to sleep at about 11:00 PM I suddenly started hearing a voice talking about worm holes and seeing a vision or picture of them as well. The male voice was either Thor or one of his crew.  I had a vision of a tall blond man.  This was startling to say the least, as I had not been thinking about anything of the kind, and for this information to just come in like that was a little weird. I've received information before in bits and pieces such as Mayan symbols, but never in this much detail. I will attempt to write down what I heard here:
“There are different levels of worm holes, or 'jumps' as we call them, with the smallest being on planets and used to get from place to place on the planet, and the next level called 'planet jumps' because they enable one to travel from planet to planet within their own solar system. These are naturally made, and is is not usually necessary to create a worm hole, although it can be done. …

Predictions of Earth Cataclysms to Date

Some of the cataclysims I predicted in 2012 have come to pass.  The recent volcanic eruption in Alaska is one of them. I saw this in several visions since the first writing clearly as a volcano, and notified at least 3-0 people about this ( I should have posted it here). As the time got nearer, the event was more clear.
 The second event that has come to pass is the asteroid that exploded over Russia, leaving a small piece in the ground.  This was a huge explosion that thankfully occurred in the atmosphere rather than on the ground.  In remote viewing this, I see a laser weapon being dispatched, which was perhaps something from our ET friends watching out for us.   
Now these two items were not in order from my visions as reported in 2012.  However, I believe it is worthwhile to consider that the other predictions of future events may indeed come to pass, a
nd that people in regions that could be affected should be as prepared as possible.   

Earth Cataclysms as reported in 2012 post:…