Monday, November 19, 2012

Flooding in the Northeast and HAARP

I had to share this information:  Five years ago my deceased grandfather, who seems to specialize in future catastrophic events, started showing me Earth changes.  One of the things he kept showing me over and over, and more frequently as time went on, was a huge storm and flooding in the Northeast, with pictures of flooding around New York, the coast, and the boardwalk.  This was a significant event- so significant that he started showing this to me years ago.

Most future events are only shown to me shortly before the event happens, but I've determined lately that the bigger the event, the earlier it starts to appear to me.  I wrote about this storm years ago on my other website which is now down, but shared it with a number of people.  Here is the thing - I don't feel that the real danger is over and that there is something else looming that could occur.  I have not been shown what this is - however, logically it may be the Nuclear power plants in the area.

Now for another revelation about this- the words my grandfather says to me as he did about hurricane Katrina- is that this is a man-made disaster.  What could that mean?  Perhaps the HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.project?  Is our government or another practicing weather warfare on its own people?  Of course, I have no proof of that, and I'm only speculating as to the reasons for these events.  Apparently, the Gulf Stream has moved North due to severe melting of the ice in Greenland and the Arctic and that has something to do with the creation of the "Super Storm Sandy."  The weather this past summer was certainly extreme- it was so hot and dry in the Midwest that we couldn't believe it. Are we really experiencing a world climate change as in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow?"

As I've said before: be prepared.  Get food, water, and medicine and other supplies to last at least a month. Get a wood stove and wood for heating.  And firearms. The Mormon's prepare with at least a year's worth of supplies.  Perhaps everyone should.  It is just good sense to be ready just in case, but to always hope for the best.

We all should meditate daily on balancing the Earth's energies.

If you want to know more about the HAARP project conspiracy theories visit:

And now for some Good News

In the midst all the gloom and doom prophesies that have been rampant the past few years about 2012 ( my own included) I'd like to share some of the more positive information about Earth's future that I've received during Remote Viewing sessions as of late.

I believe that these events occur after the Shift happens on December 21, 2012 and we are in the Fifth Dimension.

  • I've seen future events on an Earth that is very clean and healthy. Apparently, we have learned to take care of the planet. I sense a higher consciousness among everyone. A lot of people have a garden. The grass is different - it is all the same type.  The houses are smaller.  
  • In one vision, we all have a small flying car in our driveways and I get in one, push a few buttons and take off without having to use a steering wheel.  These vehicles are built for one or two people only and are used for short trips around town - not for long distance travel-- and we all still have our old cars and use the roads.  The flying cars travel along the same paths as the streets- only at about 30' or so above them. We just punch in the address and the car takes us where we want to go while we nap or read.  Since I'm there and see my family - it has to be in our lifetime and likely in just a few years. 
  • We are all still in physical form, but at a high vibration.  People eat no meat and are vegetarians. 
  • People live longer, healthier lives.
  • Wars stop completely and no one fights anymore.  The people fighting just are not there at all.  I've seen a vision of two Earths- one in the 3rd dimension and one in the 5th. They both take up the same space but are at different levels of vibration.  People in one dimension cannot see people in the other, although they are still alive and in the same space. I know--weird!  
However, there is some evidence for this happening in the Roswell Rock found in 2004 by a hunter who was walking across land and happened to look down and see it, and the matching 1996 crop circle in England that shows an Eye shape in the background, then two round circles and two moons.

I believe that this is symbolic of our shift on December 21st with two Earths and two Moons as we line up with the center or "dark rift" of the Galaxy.  There are other interpretations of what this means - I'm giving you my interpretation of the vision I saw when Debbie Ziegelmeyer handed me a photo of the rock.

The Roswell Rock found in 2004
(Photo courtesy of Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer, investigators)

Crop circle that appeared in Liddlteton, England in 1996

Watch for a more in-depth article on the rock and crop circle in the next issue of Un-X News Magazine.


I say yes, they are.  Who "They" are, I can't be certain of but one thing is for sure - they are of a higher intelligence and awareness than us.  

In order to make a smooth transition to the Fifth Dimension you'll need to raise your vibratory rate and level of consciousness   This is best achieved through daily meditation.
Here is a quick method: 

Calm your mind, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and sit or lie in a comfortable position.  Relax your muscles.  See a blank black screen in front of you with nothing on it. If other thoughts come in, just bring yourself back to only seeing a black screen and having no thoughts.  Ask your Higher Self or Spirit Guides to show you or tell you what is most important for you right now. Listen for the answers or watch the screen for a scene to appear.  Attend local meditation classes if you can. If you need help, get a meditation CD to assist you in getting to a meditative state. 

Other methods of raising vibration include being in nature, turn of the TV and read a book on any consciousness raising topic, drawing mandalas, painting, doing yoga or Tai Chi,  eating vegitarian, and playing or listening to music.  

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