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Flooding in the Northeast and HAARP

I had to share this information:  Five years ago my deceased grandfather, who seems to specialize in future catastrophic events, started showing me Earth changes.  One of the things he kept showing me over and over, and more frequently as time went on, was a huge storm and flooding in the Northeast, with pictures of flooding around New York, the coast, and the boardwalk.  This was a significant event- so significant that he started showing this to me years ago.

Most future events are only shown to me shortly before the event happens, but I've determined lately that the bigger the event, the earlier it starts to appear to me.  I wrote about this storm years ago on my other website which is now down, but shared it with a number of people.  Here is the thing - I don't feel that the real danger is over and that there is something else looming that could occur.  I have not been shown what this is - however, logically it may be the Nuclear power plants in the area.

Now for another r…

And now for some Good News

In the midst all the gloom and doom prophesies that have been rampant the past few years about 2012 ( my own included) I'd like to share some of the more positive information about Earth's future that I've received during Remote Viewing sessions as of late.

I believe that these events occur after the Shift happens on December 21, 2012 and we are in the Fifth Dimension.

I've seen future events on an Earth that is very clean and healthy. Apparently, we have learned to take care of the planet. I sense a higher consciousness among everyone. A lot of people have a garden. The grass is different - it is all the same type.  The houses are smaller.  In one vision, we all have a small flying car in our driveways and I get in one, push a few buttons and take off without having to use a steering wheel.  These vehicles are built for one or two people only and are used for short trips around town - not for long distance travel-- and we all still have our old cars and use the roads.…