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Messages from ETs and more

I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people lately who want to know if I've been getting any new messages. I have, but hesitated to write them here, because it is a mix of good news and what some would interpret as negative news.

The Messages from ETs are: 

A large fiery object will hit the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere.  I was shown this on a screen but can't tell for sure if it is an asteroid or representing something coming from the Sun.  No time is given for this event, but "soon" is what I hear. We are all being moved into a state of higher consciousness, this has been ramped up in the past 40 years, and is culminating to a peak on Dec 21, 2012 when our Earth is in alignment with the center of  our galaxy.  This will be the most energy the Earth can handle at this time.  Those in a state of awareness know this is happening without anyone telling them.  Those who are at a lower vibratory rate may not be conscious of this shift, nevertheless, it affects t…