Friday, September 7, 2012

Messages from ETs and more

I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people lately who want to know if I've been getting any new messages. I have, but hesitated to write them here, because it is a mix of good news and what some would interpret as negative news.

The Messages from ETs are: 

  • A large fiery object will hit the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere.  I was shown this on a screen but can't tell for sure if it is an asteroid or representing something coming from the Sun.  No time is given for this event, but "soon" is what I hear. 
  • We are all being moved into a state of higher consciousness, this has been ramped up in the past 40 years, and is culminating to a peak on Dec 21, 2012 when our Earth is in alignment with the center of  our galaxy.  This will be the most energy the Earth can handle at this time.  Those in a state of awareness know this is happening without anyone telling them.  Those who are at a lower vibratory rate may not be conscious of this shift, nevertheless, it affects them.  Some of these people cannot handle the change in vibration and it changes their behavior, usually in a negative way, making them more angry, resentful, and aggressive.  This is the reason why violence is increasing.  This behavior will start to diminish after Dec 21st. 
  • Most ETs are of a higher consciousnesses, higher vibration, and higher intelligence than humans.  Most are here to help us move to higher consciousness. They rarely interfere in day to day events, but will if it has something to do with raising our awareness.  

Messages from Native American Spirits: 

  • White Cloud has been my senior guide since the year 2000, when he was introduced to me by my deceased grandfather. This must have been very important, because my grandfather did not contact me until nearly 30 years after his death!  White Cloud showed me visions of my past life as a Native American Medicine Woman in what I think is now Montana approximately 900 years ago.  He has been training me to heal with feathers an learning to "read the smoke".  When I do health readings for people, White Cloud assists me.
  • EL is an ancient being, who spoke through me in two channeling sessions this year.  Before this, I had channeled only once before, and that was over 10 years ago.  The messages came in an ancient tongue (see my other posts for details) both times, except during the second session it was translated into English at the same time!  The messages were clear:  A major catastrophic event will occur where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet and that will cause the rivers to flood very quickly.  The 7 tribes are to "Return to the home of their grandfathers" which is Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. For those who wish to remain in this lifetime, they should move away from the rivers. 

Visions and messages from my Grandfather:
  • My grandfather, Frank Lombardo (who died in 1972), has been showing me major events around the globe since the year 2000.   Most of these involve earthquakes.  He showed me the ring of fire, with major earthquakes happening along the West coast of South America, North America, and the East Coast of Japan, China, and Russia.  These would all happen with in a 12- 24  month period, and many have come to pass already.  There was just a major quake in Costa Rica.  These earthquakes are all precursors to an eruption of a volcano in Yellowstone (small), and then The BIG ONE - the New Madrid Quake will be a 10.0.  I keep hearing "10.0" over and over again.  There will be power outage from this earthquake or the Sun for at least six months.  I urge you to be prepared. 
I am going to hold more sessions for readings and predictions on Un-X News Radio Show

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