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New predictions for 2014 and beyond

It's been a while since I've posted predictions, not because the information hasn't been coming in but because of my busy schedule lately.  If anything, more information has been presented than ever. The problem is that with our shift in energy that so much is going on spiritually, psychically, and even physically that it is hard to keep up with everything that people are experiencing.

What I'm seeing is that there is more paranormal activity, more UFO sightings, and more orb activity than ever happening right now, and many people want answers that they are not getting. The reports come in to Quest Investigation group so fast that our team is unable to take all of the cases to investigate. Right now I'm working on no less than six major individual paranormal/UFO cases and one UFO flap. Everyone wants to know what is going on.

Now for what is coming. Once again, my guides are White Cloud, my grandfather, Mantis (ET), Valient Thor and Teal (ETs), and an ancient Nativ…