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Earth Changes and New Gifts for Humanity

There is so much new information coming in now that I'm having a difficult time keeping up with it. Since my time is limited I'm not going to explain how, when, or where I got this new information right now, but suffice it to say that it is from very reliable guides including Valient Thor, White Cloud, and my grandfather.

1. Visions of buildings swaying badly, ground shaking, buildings falling down in St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville. Old brick buildings and chimneys falling down in Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin, Des Moines, Iowa, and in in every town within a 300 mile radius of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

2. Fish dying unexpectedly in the rivers in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky with no explanation.This will happen in the summer months of 2015.

3. New psychic and intuitive abilities for many people, including a new invention or new abilities so that everyone will be able to speak to and see their loved ones who have passed on - this year in 2015 is when it wil…

Metaphysical Weekend Retreat March 13-15, 2015

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