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Are Increased UFO Sightings Signs of a Coming Big Global Event?

As a UFO investigator for over 30 years, and working as the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON since 2010 I've noticed a trend in UFO sightings. They are increasing exponentially across the globe and especially in certain places we all "UFO Hot Spots."

Missouri is one of those hot spots. Missouri is continually in the top four states in the nation the past four years for UFO activity. California, Texas, and Pennsylvania are commonly in the top three. The places in Missouri that have the most UFO and orb sightings are Springfield and south to the Arkansas border, Columbia, St. Louis, Rich Hill, and Eastern Jackson County which includes Independence, Raytown, Blue Springs, and Lee's Summit.

Strangely, the types of UFOs being seen used to be craft of different shapes but as of the past few months the most common type are orbs. Orbs can include what are described as balls of light, flaming fireballs, or just lights. Speculation as to what these balls of ligh…