Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Continuing contact with Thor

The past few days have been crazy - I am now getting communication during the day and while working! I just got one while talking to someone on the phone.  This is highly unusual so it must be important.

First, Thor corrected me regarding the statement he made about contacting the U.S. Presidents - I thought he said that they (the Galactic Fleet) had been in contact with all presidents since Truman, but he said, no, it is ALL of the presidents.  Meaning since George Washington.  Oh my!

Next, Thor said that "they" are not going to stand for the nuclear threat any longer and are sending clear messages to the entire world, mainly the U.S. and Russia, to cut it out now.  The "meteors" that have been hitting the atmosphere and exploding or hitting the earth are part of their plan to warn us.  The next step will be even greater.  They don't want to hurt anyone, just give a clear message.  Until I heard my friend and fellow researcher Daniel Lauing, author of Manitou, Fountains of the Deep talking about how this is not a coincidence --and Thor interrupted our conversation to impress on me that Daniel is on the right track  I believed that these were real meteors.  Now I'm not so sure.  In fact, I'm not certain of anything at all any more!  We must keep track of where the meteors are hitting and what has gone on in those locations in the past. Like nuclear testing....

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Contact with Thor and future events for Earth

My contact with Thor started in 1985 in Seattle, Washington when I was introduced to him through my massage therapist.  The therapist asked me if I'd like to try a light experiment and I said I'd be willing to try it.  He shined alternating red and green lights in my eyes for several minutes, then asked me to look at him.  I saw straight through him and saw his entire skeleton!  Then a voice said "Now you have X-ray vision and can see inside people," and a head appeared on the wall to the right of the lights.  It was a male human head with a helmet on, covering any hair he may have had. The helmet was in an "M" shape, coming down to a point in the center of the forehead and to the front of the ears at the sides.  Since that event, I have been able to see inside humans as well as vehicles and equipment to diagnose problems. This ability has continued to increase to the point where I can see all things inside the human body and am directed towards problem areas, even on a microscopic level.

That night, I did a reading for my brother and was in a light trance state when the same head appeared on the wall in my apartment.  I was a little alarmed and asked my brother if he could see it as well, and he did.  The being spoke to me alone telepathically, said his name was Thor, and that he would be in contact with me in the future because I had some important things to do for him.  Thor said that he would have a craft appear at the next UFO meeting I attended, which was to happen in a few days. 

I attended the UFO meeting in Seattle, which was at a house that was situated on top of a big hill.  You could see all of downtown from the big picture window.  About halfway through the meeting I got a telepathic message "We're here," and told everyone to look outside the window. To my amazement, there was a large disc-shaped craft hovering over trees across the street, and within 100' of our location.  No one else saw the craft except me, however, several people at the event sensed that there was a craft in the vicinity. 

1990: Independence, Missouri: I moved to Independence after on 13 months in Seattle to get married.  My girls were home alone with two of their girlfriends one day when Thor's head appeared on the wall next to the stairs to the second level.  His head was 2' high and he was wearing the same helmet.  All four girls saw him, but don't remember any communication because they all ran screaming into the front room.  I don't have any idea why he chose to appear to them or what any messages might have been that they have forgotten. Obviously, they are involved in this, too. 

October 2006:  I was driving home from my store on the Independence Square after dark, and passed the RLDS Temple in Independence.  There were dark thunderclouds everywhere, and strange lightning all over the sky, but no rain.  A large cloud bank came down over the Temple to 20-30 feet above the ground.  Then I saw a beam of light hit the very top of the antenna on top of the spiral at an angle.  I wondered what it was, pulled over to the side of the road and attempted to get a picture of the cloud covering the Temple and Remote View whatever it was that was causing that beam of light, when I heard Thor's voice.  He said he was the commander of a Galactic fleet and that they communicated with humans who were in the sub-basement under the temple using the light as the means to transmit messages.  He also said that the spiral shape of the temple was designed in order to make a very long antenna for this purpose.  

July, 2012: From my friend and medium Gail Larmer:  "I am to let you know that Commander Thor of the Ashtar Command is working with you. I have never heard of Thor. See below some information I've found.

" Valiant Thor is a Christed Space Commander and Ascended Master from the planet Venus who made friendly diplomatic contact with The United States government in 1957. Commander Thor resided at the U.S. Pentagon for three years, but no one there would ever listen to Him or heed His advice about anything. The Pentagon considered Commander Thor a “prisoner,” and treated Him as such. But after three years of futile diplomatic talks, Commander Thor spiritually teleported Himself back to Venus, which he had the power to do all along. The entire true story is chronicled in the book STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON by Dr. Frank Stranges who was an eye witness to the events.

 Here is a very short video link: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/the-amazing-space-contact-valiant-thor-from-venus?xg_source=activity

Gail continues: "A rod in your back is being formed into crystalline.  The rod energy is being built first with some type of material not found on earth that will let your physical and light bodies easily assimilate over to the crystalline energy.  I'm being told this crystalline energetic rod will allow you to connect and work with the planetary grids of light.  The Star Beings work through you and then you send the energy to the grids where needed. This is also part of the matrix that is around you.  It is actually hard to describe because I've never seen anything like this before. It will allow the Star Beings to work through you in a higher more refined way. It's like it is being formed and you are being dialed up in frequency and recalibrated a little bit each day so you can maintain the energy without harm to you.  To summarize,  you will be assisting in bringing different frequencies, harmonics, waves and pulses (whatever that is) to the planet as we shift to the 5th dimension. I would connect with Commander Thor for more clarity and information about this new phase of your work."  

February 6, 2013: Recovering from the flue and pneumonia, I was sleeping in a chair in the living room when Thor appeared to me.  He told me that his group is now doing things to influence our world economy and stopping wars - something they have warned the U.S. and other nations about for many years. Disarming nuclear sites has been one of their tactics - they will not allow Nuclear war.  He said all the nation's leaders know about him and that their mother ships have been docked around the Earth for a long time, but more are here now.  

He again reiterated that he is one of the commanders of the Star Fleet, which is part of the Galactic Federation.  I heard him say that back in 1985 but couldn't believe that is what it was actually called - I was thinking that I must have imagined it because it sounded like something out of Star Wars.  But he said it again, and I was seeing him much clearer so know this is not my imagination.  
Thor said that the Galactic Federation did not want to directly interfere with the human evolution, but that they have given every chance to our leaders to make the changes required, including disclosure to the public about our part in the Universe, that we are only a very small part of intelligent life in the universe, and that we needed to stop fighting among ourselves. But changes have not been made, so the Galactic Federation will do it for us. Thor said that they have been in contact with every President since Truman. He said that the economy will need to collapse and our current monetary system will soon be gone. It will be rough for a while during the adjustment period, but that it will all turn out for the better.  He also said that everyone will soon know about the Star People (they don't like to be called ETs).  I assume that means some type of world-wide sighting. 

Thor told me that the forces of dark and light in the Galaxy have chosen Earth as their final battle ground, and that is why things are so crazy in the world right now - the dark side is making a final effort in a losing battle.  It also explains my contact with Reptilians in the past few months - I've not told anyone this but one actually came into my body twice, spoke out loud through me in a very low, booming voice, and kept trying to take over but I was too strong-willed and got rid of it.  That Reptilian told me that he was the one who caused some bad things to happen to me and my family in the past, and he was very proud of it.  He was trying to keep my energy low so that I wouldn't be involved in the LIGHT, but needless to say it didn't work.  The wolf moved in to me several times during my illness and said only one thing: "The wolf is afraid of nothing." I feel his power, which is now a permanent part of me. I've seen Reptilians attached to other humans, who are oblivious to it.  They mock you, but now I see that this is not irreversible, even though the Reptilians claim they have total control and there is nothing we can do about it. That is a lie. 

February 7, 2013: I was washing dishes when a telepathic message came in: "Get the book Stranger from the Pentagon and read it right now".  I didn't know where the book was, but closed my eyes and RV'd it and saw exactly where it was in the family room underneath a table ( I don't remember putting there).  I got it out and to my surprise MY Thor was the subject!  And there were photos!  Wow.  Obviously, there was a reason for me to read the book at that time.  Later, while sleeping, I saw visions of the Pyramids and Orion. A few years ago The Mantis being told me he was from the Little Orion Nebula near the brightest star there.  He showed me the Nebula, which is a smaller one attached to the big Orion Nebula, and when this happened I had no idea there was an Orion Nebula. I had to look it up the next day to see if it was true - and there was the exact same thing Mantis showed me.  I know that Orion is very important and that beings from there have helped shape humanity for millions of years. 

February 8, 2013:  I listened to Coast-to-Coast AM with host John B. Wells who spoke with a man code-named Cobra, who for 35 years has been in contact with an underground movement, resisting the dark forces attempting to control humanity. UFO contactee Rob Potter also joined the discussion about the nature of the dark forces, the havoc they have wreaked on Earth, and how the resistance movement is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Cobra and Potter then said that the Earth was going to have some cataclysms with the poles and other areas, but they have stabilized these through the electro-magnetic field and other means.

Note: I was shown giant metal poles being inserted at the North and South poles and in the New Madrid Fault in a vision three years ago by Mantis, which must be what they are talking about!

 Potter said that there is a Galactic Fleet around the Earth right now with mother ships - that they are cloaked and that they recently increased vibration to the planet, have increased communication with their human contacts, that they sometimes contact us using technology through CHURCH STEEPLES where a 3D image of the Star Person will appear in the room as if he were right there with everyone, which was also stated in the book! 

Coincidences?  I think not.  I look forward to meeting with Thor in person and finding out as much as possible about their mission on Earth. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PSI: Adventures in Consciousness “2013 and Beyond”

PSI: Adventures in Consciousness
“2013 and Beyond”
Steffany Barton, Patricia Sneed, Margie Kay & Linda DeFeo
Friday, February 22, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
Unity Temple on the Plaza
707 W. 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112
$5 PSI members, $10 public, PSI Patrons free

Please join us for a thought provoking evening with our fifth annual predictions program with special guests: Steffany Barton, Patricia Sneed, Margie Kay and Linda DeFeo. The panel will each present what they see for the New Year and beyond and answer general questions from the audience.

Steffany Barton is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author who is highly sought after for her angel readings and gallery presentations, Angels Among Us. She offers Daily OM online classes, Akashic records readings, Reiki training and classes. Part of Steffany’s mission is to demystify the spiritual and psychic arts. Steffany holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is also certified in past life regression and hypnotherapy and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She is the author of two books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight. To schedule a private session, call 913.451.4567 and visit her website at www.angelsinsight.com. Books and CDs will be available for purchase.

Patricia Sneed has been a metaphysical consultant, teacher and healer for over 30 years. As a premier teacher of psychic development in the Kansas City area, she has taught and guided many of the local psychics. She is the host of Psychic Talk Radio on KKFI (90.1 FM) every other Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and has assisted police departments in unsolved cases. Patricia offers psychic and mediumship readings, past life readings/regressions and energetic healing with gemstones. She holds a weekly healing circle and weekly channeling and is available for private parties. To schedule a reading or for more information, please visit www.patriciasneed.com or call 816.522.7607.

Margie Kay is a remote viewer, psychic medium and the author of The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide and Haunted Independence. She is the host of Un-X News Radio, CEO of Global Radio Alliance radio network, and publisher of Un-X News Magazine. She is currently working on two TV programs and two film documentaries. Margie has been interviewed by CNN, KCTV5, KMBZ, and many others and has spoken at over 130 conventions and meetings. She has helped to solve 44 missing person, homicide, and theft cases for law enforcement, private investigators, and individuals, using her unique abilities. Books will be available for purchase. Please visit www.margiekay.com for more information.

Linda DeFeo was given her first book of astrology 37 years ago. Although Linda's passion is art and interior design, astrology became a quest to understand her mind. Immediately, her astrological chart confirmed and helped her to understand her psychic abilities. Linda is a graduate of Unity School of Religious Studies and continued her education through Core Star and Symmetry energy healing schools, and Kepler College for 1 1/2 years toward a Master's Degree in Astrology and Geocosmic Studies. Her mission is to help others understand their spiritual missions that have been written in their God given birth charts. To schedule an appointment, please email ldefeo@kc.rr.com or call 913. 648. 4574.

Please join us for a fascinating evening. www.psychicstudiesinstitute.org

Strange Rumbling Sounds in Kansas City

February 6, 2013: 

About 10 days ago at approximately 12:00 a.m. I heard very loud large trucks rumbling down the street - these were not normal trucks - they sounded like gigantic trucks used for mining or something.  They even shook the house and all of my pictures were tilted. However, when I ran to the windows to try to see what they were and why trucks of that size were in a residential neighborhood, I could see nothing, even though I could still hear them.  The sounds lasted for about 15 minutes.  

About 7 days ago I began hearing a low rumbling sound late at night from my home in Independence, Missouri (East of Kansas City).  I barely noticed it at first, but it became increasingly louder each night and last night (February 5) it was so loud that it kept me awake for hours.  I checked inside the entire house, turned off every appliance and fan, and could not find the source. I went outside for three nights in a row, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from but it was just everywhere-- and I could find no source.  My husband has heard it and so has a neighbor a couple of blocks away.  My husband also went around the house trying to find the source, but could not. It sounds like a very low tone and mechanical like a "wa wa wa" sound, that repeats constantly with no change in pitch, only in loudness. It is similar to a heavy train but I checked for that and although we have trains nearby, none of them have ever made that sound, and certainly not for hours on end.   On Sunday night I heard it start at 11:35 pm and it was still going on at 8:00 am when I left for work.  

Last week a friend of mine in Mission Kansas called and told me that on Sunday, January 27 she noticed that all of the dogs in her neighborhood for blocks around were barking and going crazy.  She went outside to see if she could tell why they were acting that way and noticed that there were a lot of geese in the air flying in circles, which is not their normal behavior, and they kept it up for hours. She thought that perhaps the geese were confused for some reason, or did not want to land on the ground.  Later that night her dog woke her up in the middle of the night and she saw a tiny 10" wide UFO in her bedroom, then it moved outside her window.  She talked about the incident on my radio show briefly last Friday.  I don't know if this is related to the rumbling sounds, but it may be.

I have notified all of our Missouri MUFON Field Investigators and sent a message to the Director of Kansas MUFON about these incidents, and have asked them to listen for any strange sounds and try to get them recorded.  I will do the same tonight.  
Other people have reported strange sounds and flashes of light to www.earthfiles.com - it is worth checking out.  

Margie Kay
Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON

Monday, February 4, 2013

Remote Viewing Results of the San Augustin Artifacts

Article written in July, of 2011
September, 2009:  After spending the day interviewing Art Campbell during his visit to Kansas City in September of 2009, Art mentioned that he had some artifacts with him from the San Augustin crash site, and asked if I’d like to remote view the objects to see what I could find out about them.  I had no knowledge of these artifacts and was very curious about them. 
Microscopic view of metal object courtesy of Art Campbell
   Art handed me each object, which were sealed in a Plexiglas container, one at a time.  The first item was a tan color object that looked like it had once been larger and had since collapsed. It was approximately 4"wide x 6" long. The instant Art handed it to me I felt myself as a short alien being with a heart in my abdomen, rather than in my chest.  I “saw” a thin copper wire attached to the heart and to a metallic button on the outside of a blue uniform. Art and others believe that this object was a heart.
  The second object was what I thought was part of the flat button that used to be part of the uniform.
   The third object was a tiny shoe sole, but at the time I did not get any information about it. With remote viewing, sometimes the information comes later, which is what happened in this case.

     Next, I saw an male alien being, short in stature, wearing a blue uniform. There was a button on the front of the uniform with a wire leading to his heart, which was located in the abdomen, rather than the chest.  He would have been able to regulate the heart somehow by pushing on the external button of the suit.

July, 2011:
 A couple of months ago, I was thinking about this case and had a dream about a little girl in Los Angeles who was carrying a doll, and was taken by aliens in a UFO.  This girl and her doll were on the craft when it crashed at San Augustin.  I experienced the crash, and heard two alien beings yelling about crashing.  It was unavoidable. Something happened suddenly that caused the crash and they could not maneuver out of it before hitting the ground.  There was some reference to “earth beings” causing the crash with a new device.
     The human child was on the UFO when it crashed.  I saw one alien—the pilot—crushed during the accident.  The shoe sole is a mystery, though.  It has a natural rubber sole with nine layers of cotton and other unknown substances.  It is not leather and it is shaped strangely for a human foot. Art does not believe it belongs to a child’s or doll’s shoe.  I am of the opinion that the sole is either from an alien shoe or the doll’s shoe.
     Imagine my surprise when Art contacted me recently and said that he found some old unprinted color negatives of some starch residue inside the possible body part.  He had prints made and saw a blue fiber in one of the photos!   Art was kind enough to have that picture framed and sent to me.  A recent study showed that one artifact was possibly a body part like aheart with valves, and that they found a copper wire in the artifacts. He was amazed that I had picked up this information and now Art is convinced that there are some legitimate remote viewers who can obtain information in ways that conventional science cannot explain.     
    What does this tell us about remote viewing? Quite simply, that sometimes remote viewers can help UFO investigators find answers to their questions.  RV work is not always 100% accurate, but it can be another useful tool to use to help solve mysteries.

Note: see Art's website at www.ufocrashbook.com for more information on his San Augustin UFO Crash research.

Extraterrestrials and the Coronavirus

I am getting calls and emails several times a day from people who are having ET experiences and close contact. Many of these involve close...