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Dizziness and Earthquake Predictions

I got very dizzy and slightly nauseous this morning and saw the air shaking again.  I found out later that there was an earthquake in Mexico City today but did not see what time this occurred. The dizziness and shaking air are now gone. After experiencing this many times I am now completely convinced that the electro-magnetic field of the Earth is affected all over by earthquakes, and that this may be the reason why dogs get lost a few days prior to the events in the area of the epicenter. 

We need to do more research on this - perhaps some humans are more sensitive to changes in the electro-magnetic field and are picking up the same things that dogs do, which affects our sense of balance. 

I sense that things are heating up and that we will be experiencing more frequent Earth changes in 2012.  As I write this, the dizziness has returned, so we'll see if another high-magnitude quake happens soon.

Messages from Ancient Native Americans about our Future

I recently experienced something that I used to be very skeptical about. I wasn't convinced that people could channel another entity through them and allow the entity to speak. But that is exactly what happened to me just a few weeks ago while meeting with some other “Star People” who have had encounters with Extraterrestrials and who are psychic, as I am. There were three Native Americans present and we had just spent the entire day together. I was doing body scan readings for the group when an entity asked if he could speak through me. I did not sense any harm in doing so and asked the others in the room if they minded. They did not, so I said yes to this unknown being.
He said his last incarnation on this planet was 50,000 years ago and that he wanted to give a message to the people. (A few days later he told me his name was “El.” Then an unknown language came forth and spoke through me using my voice. I had no idea what, if anything, it said or what it meant. Dur…