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Unexplained lights in Missouri - are they communicating with us?

There have been a number of sightings of similar UFOs in Missouri since April of 2012.  These are often described as multi-colored bright objects, larger than planets, stationary in the sky for hours, or moving slowly over a period of time (but still faster than all of the stars in the sky), and often disappearing or in some cases shooting off very quickly across the sky and returning to the same location.  Some of these objects have been reported to have arms or appendages on them, with smaller objects coming and going from the ground back to the larger object.  Laser like lights have also been reported.  The strange descriptions of the objects and the number of reports of similar objects is perplexing. Location of Blue Springs Sightings This all started in April, 2012 when an entire Blue Springs, Missouri neighborhood began watching a strange light in the sky in the direction of the Lake City Army Ammunition Planet in Independence.  The witnesses waited for two weeks b…