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Decoding Messages from Ancient Aliens

The following is an account of how I came to a conclusion about messages from ancient aliens, which are already here and waiting for us to decode. 

It all started when I was 10 years old and picked up a string bass for the first time- I had a natural ability to play the instrument, and eventually became obsessed with it, practicing for hours on end.  Fiercely competitive, I became first chair in all of the orchestras I played in, and was the only jazz bassist to be accepted in the jazz bands in high school and college. 

One day, while playing in my high school orchestra, along with two other orchestras from different schools for a large audience something very strange happened.  We were playing the last piece - Handel's Messiah- for a large audience made up mostly of family and friends when I suddenly felt a warmth and energy penetrate through the bass into my solar plexus, and felt a shift of my consciousness to my right side.  My body continued to play the piece, yet I no longe…

A Visit to Thor's Ship

As I was just going to sleep on Friday night,June 7, and being very tired after doing my radio show and looking forward to some rest, I suddenly saw a metal horizontal curved tube with a glass section that showed some type of liquid inside the tube.  I pulled back to get a better view, and saw that this was a very large, long tube that was attached by bars to a large structure.  I then heard a female voice and saw a tall woman with red hair and green eyes speaking to me telepathically.  She said her name was Teal.  I immediately kmew who she must be, as I'd recently been speaking with Craig Campobasso about Thor and his crew, and he said that one of his senior staff was named Teal.

She then began to take me on a tour of this large craft, showing me different levels.  This ship is a part of the Galactic Federation and Thor is the Commander.  I did not see him during this visit. Starting at the top floor, I saw green plants, fruits, and vegetables everywhere, Teal explained that t…