Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Big News About 2012

Earth from space
By Margie Kay
QUEST Investigation Group

Now that you've read some of the visions I've been shown of the future that aren't so great, there IS good news that I've also been shown and want to share with you.  This information was given to me by my guides, which include White Cloud, who is a Native American Shaman, and my deceased grandfather, who seems to specialize in global events, and also Mantis, the ET who contacts me telepathically.  Some vision dreams have come to me as well. 


The Earth is in the process of moving into the 5th dimension. This is a place of higher vibration and consciousness.  The culmination of this shift will occur on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM.  For those of you who have been seeing 11:11 everywhere in your lives, this is one reason why - it is a message from the Universe. 

11:11 12-21-12

Everyone on the planet who has obtained a rate of vibration and consciousness compatible with the 5th Dimension will move into this new dimension without any effects, except that as we move to this point you will notice an increase in in the following:

1. Brighter and more brilliant colors around all things (living and not).

2. More colors than you have ever seen before!

Photo copyright HearthMasters,Inc.

3. Spirits who have always been there but are now becoming more visible (i.e. paranormal activity increasing).

4. UFOs and ETs and other life forms who have always been here but are now becoming more visible as we move towards their dimension. Hence the upsurge in UFO sighting reports since Spring of 2011 worldwide.  Some of the Key Vortex areas are more active than other areas.  One of these areas is Kansas City (watch for further explanation of this in another blog post) 
Photo courtesy of Fotilia

5. You will SEE the connection between all people and things in the Universe and the lines or cords that connect us.

6. More people will be able to see the Grid and Matrix.
The grid
7. War and conflicts will stop because we all realize our connection to one another.

8. You will continue through your life as normal, as much as that is possible given all of the new things to deal with.

As we move into the 5th Dimension on December 21, 2012 we will see the VEIL between the two worlds, which appears as a shimmery, translucent blue - as the Earth turns we move into it. 

The New 5th Dimensional world will be a new, better place. 

We leave the 3rd Dimensional world behind, and those people who have NOT raised their vibration sufficiently to move and function in the 5th Dimension.  I saw that these persons think that others around them have actually disappeared and they can no longer interact with them.  Perhaps this is what happened to the Maya?  I don't know the answer to that but it is something to explore.  We will still occupy the same space, but no longer interact with the 3rd Dimension. 

My guides have told me that this opportunity only comes around once every 28,000 years.

In order to assure that you can handle the higher vibrations of the
5th Dimension here are some tips:

1. Work on your spiritual self by meditating daily. Try to communicate with trees and flowers.  Trees are easy to talk to (see my other posts on trees later).

2. Calm your mind and be in nature as much as possible. Bring fresh flowers into your home.

3. Realize what is truly important and don't waste your energy on arguments, or petty daily annoyances.
4. Place quartz crystals around your living and working space, and wear amethyst to raise your vibrations and attract positive energy

5. Become a vegetarian to raise vibration, eat only as much as you really need, and cut out the red meat, which lowers vibration greatly.
6. Get Chakra balancing therapy, and meditate on your Chakras to open them fully.

7. Acupuncture and massage will help you tune into your physical body and spirit bodies (7)

8. If you are in a bad relationship that drags you down, get out of it and move on to better things (and people). 

9. Surround yourself with positive people.

10. Keep a journal of your dreams and new things that happen to you as you are on the path to the 5th Dimension.

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