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The Tones

Ever since I attended the Star People Gathering in Warsaw, Missouri where we called in the Star People on Oct 14 I have been hearing these strange tones. 
It sounds like a mechanical mid-tone, with a low wa wa wa undertone, then a higher harmonic over it.  My husband even heard it two nights ago and asked me what the sound was.  It almost sounded like a train, but we decided it wasn't.  I started hearing this sound the day after our event and it has gotten louder and louder.  It is not a constant thing - only intermittent.  Today the sound came over Skype during my radio show and we could not get rid of it and had to cancel the show!  It was not audible except through the headphones.  I have a recording of it which I'll post on my website at in the next few days.  
I feel that this is not something mechanical, rather that it is something spiritual or from the other side, and since it has only been happening since the gathering I wonder if it is not connected.

Earthquake Predictions

I've now come to the conclusion that some of us have the physical ability to predict earthquakes.  It is not an exact science by any means, but something that scientists should be investigating.  I know of six people now who experience dizziness  nausea, and headaches prior to major earthquakes.  In my case, it is 24-36 hours before the event occurs.  My daughter experiences the same thing, and just prior to the large Japan quake last year I could not walk without assistance, and she could not get out of bed for three days.  The larger the quake, the more severe the symptoms, but it also has to do with the depth of the earthquake as well.  The deeper the quake, the less severe the symptoms. However, the problem is that we cannot tell where the event will occur, only that it will occur.  Does this mean that we are picking up changes in the Earth's electro-magnetic field all over the globe?  Is there some way to measure this with electronic equipment so that scientists can pred…

The Light

In speaking with other people lately who are getting the same messages that I am, I've come to the conclusion that I'm right about my earlier predictions regarding a major Earth shift happening now.  If you take a look at all of the recent reports of "A bright light in the sky," " A wheel within a wheel," "A flashing bright light with multiple colors," it is obvious that there is something unusual going on.  All of these reports are so similar- so could they be the same thing in different parts of the world?

I was focused on the high number of reports from the Kansas City area alone starting in late April of 2012 while taking UFO reports, but it didn't take long to realize that these sightings are occurring on a national and international level.  I've seen "The Light," myself, as we've come to call it, at least a dozen times, including last night with five other witnesses right after a UFO meeting in Westport.  The Light is …