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My Contact with Nostradamus

I read Deloris Cannon's books about Nostradamus in the late 1990's after speaking with her at a conference. I Suddenly had the idea to attempt to contact him directly while reading one of the books. I don't know where that idea came from, but likely from the man himself or Valiant Thor.

I went into a trance-like state just as I do when remote viewing, but with the intention of contacting Nostradamus. I was not prepared for what would happen next as it is unlike any type of communication I've ever had as a psychic medium and remote-viewer.

I found myself inside of a small light-colored tunnel with a light shining ahead. The tunnel continued on, but my attention was drawn to a lighted round opening about 18" wide to my right. I looked down into a study/office with two men in it dressed in period clothing - one was Nostradamus and the other his assistant.

Nostradamus, who looked to be in his mid-30's, was sitting at a desk and his assistant was standing and moving books and items around the room. Nostradamus looked up at the hole in the wall and welcomed me. I asked how this was possible, and he said that he was in his time, and I was in my time, but we were connected with the vortex I created by putting myself into an altered state of consciousness. What he said was exactly what Delores Cannon spoke about in her books and in her talks. She was able to contact Nostradamus through several of her clients who had hypnotic regression, and he told Delores the same thing. It was a difficult concept to understand - that two people could communicate hundreds of years apart on different timelines that intersect using intention of the mind.

The one restriction was that I could not enter his office, or his time, only look through the portal.

I looked around his study and saw many leather-bound books, candles, writing instruments, stones, crystals, mirrors, a bowl with water in it, and many other items. There was a door opening to the outside and one window on either side which let in daylight. There were shutters that would be closed and locked on both the inside and outside of the wall. He had a very large wooden desk, and he indicated that there was a secret location in the room where they placed his books when he was away so that prying eyes would not find them.

He told me that in his time he had to be very careful about who he spoke with and what he said publicly, as the world was not yet ready for everything he knew. I found that he was extremely intelligent and very psychic, using both sides of his brain equally, and far more advanced than most people on earth at the time, and for that matter, our time. He also had protege's with whom he shared information, and also met with several people in secret on a regular basis. This group of men talked about such things as astral projection, time travel, machinery, extraterrestrials, interdimensional beings, alchemy, health cures, and communication through psychic means through time and space.

The contact I had made was unique to me, but not to him. He apparently communicated with several people on different timelines, including Leonardo Da Vinci and others. Nostradamus continued to work at his desk as he spoke to me, as if this were an everyday occurrence! His assistant must have been used to this as well as he just continued to do his work. The language we used was English, although through telepathy languages are translated automatically, so he may have been speaking in his native tongue.

I have contacted Nostradamus several times since using the same method, and I was able to ask questions each time. The odd thing is that he did not seem surprised by my first visit, as if he was expecting me. I have visited him at different period of his life - in his 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, although I did not have any particular intention to visit him at a certain age. It is as if I visited at the time period when he fully understood something that would be of help to me.

One of the things I asked was about global catastrophes. He said that the sun was going to create some major flares in my lifetime, which would take out our electrical grid, and that we would have to change our lifestyles as a result. He said that if we lived now as he did in his time there would be no adjustments for people, but in our time, it would be a disaster since we were so dependent on electricity. He seemed to know all about electricity and its concepts, and about computers and the internet.

Nostradamus is a unique individual, having a very high vibration such as Nicola Tessla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Budda, and Valiant Thor. These men are extremely advanced, and they continue to reincarnate in order to help raise the consciousness of humanity. I found that I could communicate with all of these individuals by visiting them on their original timelines, except Thor, who is now on this timeline.

More to come. 


Margie Kay is a remote viewer and psychic medium. She is the author of 15 books and is currently working on documentary films. Margie does private readings for individuals and assists law enforcement in finding missing persons and solving homicide cases. Visit for more information. 

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My Contact with Nostradamus

I read Deloris Cannon's books about Nostradamus in the late 1990's after speaking with her at a conference. I Suddenly had the idea ...