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The Collective Unconscious and Etheric Viewing our Future

By Margie Kay

This topic seems to be on people’s minds lately – what exactly is the Collective Unconscious? Since it is something not readily visible the answer is somewhat elusive, and perhaps perceived differently by each individual.

The CU is not the Akashic Record, which is a record on the spiritual plane that has information from the past, present, and future about everything and everyone who ever existed, and every event that has occurred. Rather, the CU is a connection that we have to the unconscious mind of all living – and non-living things. Yes, stones, mountains, and even planets have a consciousness as well.

There are two methods to successfully connect with the CU. The first method is connection through meditation. By reaching a trance-like state during meditation, a person can connect to the CU through intent. This is a form of telepathy. Questions may be asked of the CU and answers will likely quickly come back in the form of pictures or words, or both. The best types of questions to ask the CU are those having to do with society in general, the health of the planet, earth changes, and those subjects that have an impact on a large number of people rather than specific questions about one person or thing. It seems that the more people who are affected by something, the stronger the vibratio
nal impact on the UC and the easier it is to connect to it.

Part of the reason this works is that even if people are not consciously aware of something the subconscious mind is aware. For example, an earthquake will occur within 24 hours and affect a city. Some of the people living in the city may have dreams of an earthquake, or visions during meditation prior to the event. The event has not yet occurred on our timeline, but it is in the Akashic record which is accessible by the CU, therefore, people have premonitions about the event. The people who have dreams or premonitions likely have had an ongoing practice of meditation and connection to the CU.

The second method to connect with the CU is through Etheric Viewing. This method requires sending the Etheric body out to connect with the CU, which is sometimes easier to do than deep meditation. EV is a method I developed on my own and originally termed Remote Viewing. However, RV is quite different than the EV method in that the person who is Remote Viewing must do the work with another person in the room and have no knowledge of the target whatsoever. With EV the person sends their Etheric body (non the Astral body) out through their third eye or psychic center located between the eyes in the center of the forehead while simply being in a relaxed state.

The Etheric body has the ability to see things that the physical body cannot, and it is not limited to working only while the physical body is asleep as is the case with the astral body. Images or words are obtained very quickly. I my experience the Collective Unconscious appears to be a light gray colored fog while the Akashic Record appears to be a web-like structure of dark lines in random patterns at multiple levels.

In using EV and meditation as of late, what I am picking up in the CU is somewhat unsettling. It is as if there is a disturbance in the force if you will. Things are mixed up, re-routed, and riddled with miss-information. It looks like everyone knows something BIG is about to happen, and there is a lot of fear about this as well. In the U.S., the CU is very divided. The truth about our country and society is coming out and society is mad about how they have been deceived. This is coming from all sides, all religions, all political parties, etc. and this has created a lot of frustration in the CU. This can be observed in TV interviews about the current marches and riots – the people do not even know the reason they are upset in many cases.

This general feeling of disharmony is not reserved for the citizens of the U.S., and unfortunately it is worldwide - in some areas it has been the status quo for centuries but now is much worse.

For the U.S. I can make this prediction. There is something big, that is already in the works. The veil will soon be lifted, and all of the world will be shocked by what is coming. I know this does have to do with the election, but it is much more than that – perhaps a world changing event such as an asteroid, or gigantic earthquake such as the New Madrid which could set off earthquakes worldwide. Or this could have to do with extraterrestrials. In viewing ET craft over the past 15 years, there is a marked difference in the number of craft in the sky, and outside our atmosphere. There are more reports coming into UFO databases than ever before. The ETs are making themselves more visible and likely on purpose in order to get people prepared for contact. When I use EV to send my consciousness outside of our planet and look back at it, there are now thousands of manufactured space stations, huge ET motherships, and smaller craft zooming back and forth from the planet to the bigger craft. They are not here to destroy us, but rather to help the planet through an event or to protect it from a threat.

Let’s face it- if ETs wanted to destroy us they would have already done it. While there are some “bad” guys, the good guys are policing them on a regular basis. In some EV sessions I have witnessed threats being destroyed or pushed away.

What does all this mean? Does it mean we are doomed? No, actually, it does not. Even if the entire planet were destroyed due to an inter-planetary war or catastrophic event, all that would mean is that we would all leave behind our physical bodies and move on with our six light bodies to the fifth dimension. Then we would continue our soul’s journey either into another physical body on another planet or remain in spirit form to do work on that plane. So, it is not the end of the world, even if it is the end of the world as we know it.

But in order to survive a lesser catastrophic event we need to be prepared for anything. This means having at least a 12-month supply of food, water, supplies, and protection and means to grow your own food. Get out of the cities and into the countryside if at all possible. Be ready to take care of yourself.

Friday, December 18, 2020

1948 Giant Bird Mystery in St. Louis, Missouri


In April of 1948 The St. Louis area was inundated with reports of unusually large birds.

At least 13 witnesses reported seeing a gigantic, grayish-black bird with a torpedo-like body soaring in the skies above South St. Louis, Alton, Glendale, Overland, and Richmond Heights.  People described the creature as “immense,” “incredible,” and “enormous.”  A police patrolman, and a corporal saw it as well.

Officer Francis Hennelly said that “Its wings were flapping, and it was headed southwest, flying at an altitude of several hundred feet. I thought it was a large eagle, but I’ve never seen one that big before.” One witness said that unlike normal birds, this creature flapped one wing, then the other. Another witness watched as the giant bird flew towards the Mississippi bluffs, where he surmised would make a good habitat for such a creature. 

There have been multiple reports of gigantic birds and/or Mothman type creatures across the state of Missouri since 2012, with the bulk of the recent reports from the greater Kansas City area. Perhaps whatever this creature is has followed the rivers from Chicago to St. Louis then the Missouri River across the state.

The original story posted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was titled “The Gigantic Bird Mystery: That Thing in the Sky- is it Really a Bird or is it a Plane or a Witch?

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch, October 29, 2017


Margie Kay is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. Contact her at


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Seeing Music and Hearing Color


I like the story my music appreciation college professor told us about George Frederick Handel (1685-1759). Handel locked himself in a room for weeks, barely taking food or water the entire time. When he emerged, he had written The Messiah (1742), but never took credit for writing it or take any compensation. This was during a time when composers made their living by writing music, but he owned three opera companies so was not concerned about making money on this piece. Handel said that all he did was listen to the angels play, and wrote it down. It is an amazing piece, to say the least, and very complicated for musicians to play.
I believe, based on experience, that Handel must have been in an altered state of consciousness for a long period of time, or in and out of it for weeks, in order to complete this task.

Frederick Handel
Photo:Balthasar Denner, Public domain,
via Wikimedia Commons


                                       An original excerpt from The Messiah

I was very interested in this at the time because a year earlier, when I was a senior in high school and barely 18 years old, I had an out of body experience while playing The Messiah at a Christmas concert. Three Kansas City North high school orchestras and choirs joined together for this concert, so there were many musicians and audience members in the gymnasium. 

About three quarters of the way through this piece, I suddenly felt a warmth coming from three feet in front of me, then it moved through my string bass and into my solar plexus. I was perplexed as to what it was that I was experiencing. Then I was suddenly both in my physical body playing the instrument, and beside my body on the right side watching the entire orchestra and audience. It was as if the physical me was taken over by a force which continued to play the bass, and I looked up and simply watched the conductor and no longer needed to read the music in front of me. Any musician would tell you that this is a nearly impossible task and that it is necessary to look at the music in order to play it correctly. Memorization of such a piece is usually not done. 

I then was amazed to see streams of different colored light emitting from the instruments and out to the audience, often playing around people's bodies. The colors and thickness of these streams of light varied by the instruments being played. For example, with the flutes there would be a very small thin stream, and for the basses, a very thick stream of light. I heard a voice say "You are watching healing take place." I would later find out that seeing music is called Synethesia. Then, reeling from the experience, my astral body moved back into my physical body just as the last note of the piece was played. 

Immediately after, my music director walked over to me and said "How did you do that?  How did you play without looking at the music?" He was incredulous. I was too shaken by what just happened to provide an explanation, and simply said "I don't know." As I was speaking to my director, my mother approached along with the director of music for Central Missouri State University, Dr. Walter Halen. I was unaware that he was in the audience. Dr. Halen said he was very impressed with my playing and would like for me to apply for a scholarship to CMSU. 

Although I was very good at playing the bass, and was always the first chair, that night the 

                Margie's bass

energy or entity that had moved into me was certainly responsible for taking over and doing the playing without looking at the music. I had no way to explain this without appearing to be entirely nuts, so just said "Thank you." I did end up applying for and received the scholarship and went to CMSU for a year before transferring to another university. 

That was a life-changing experience, and it led me to study in depth the effects of color and music on the human body and mind. To this day, I can hear color and see music when I want to do so by putting myself into an altered state of consciousness. This is accomplished by doing something repetitive such as playing music or doing meditation.

When a musician is in an altered state while they play, this is called being in "The Zone." A lot of musicians experience this at one time or another. It involves allowing a higher vibration energy to move into your body and basically take over what you are doing, or move in concert with you and enhance your performance. Athletes also say they have experienced this. What this energy is exactly is up for debate, but I feel strongly that it is one's own higher self. 

I have utilized this energy many times while performing classical or even jazz/fusion with bass guitar, and even used it in order to play instruments I was not familiar with and had no training for. In high school, I used it to pick up and play any instrument in the band, and my job was to take someone's place if they were absent, no matter what their instrument was. This was before I had any idea what the energy was. I simply thought "I know this instrument," and somehow it worked.

Handel's Messiah is indeed a magical work of art. It can put a person in an altered state of consciousness if they are willing to have that experience. I believe that is what happened to me so many years ago, and it was the beginning of my long search for answers. It may also have activated my PSI, or Psychic Center of the brain, allowing me to have many wondrous experiences and perform remote viewing with extreme accuracy. Perhaps Handel's mission was to create something that would change the world and raise consciousness. Just try to listen to this music without feeling there is much more to it than notes on paper - it is impossible.

Thank you, Frederick Handel! 


Margie Kay is a nationally acclaimed psychic medium and remote-viewer. She can be reached at 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Extraterrestrials and the Coronavirus

I am getting calls and emails several times a day from people who are having ET experiences and close contact. Many of these involve close encounters with ETs in people's houses. It all makes me believe that something very BIG is about to happen.

On March 22, I saw a 6' tall green extraterrestrial standing not two feet away from me in my living room. He was just looking down at me. I spoke to a friend the next day and she told me that a brown female ET appeared in her bedroom that same night. But something even more bizarre happened on Friday night last week. I was on my deck at the side of my house when all of a sudden 40-50 ETs appeared in my yard. Or at least I just noticed them at that time. Some were lined up on my side yard and they looked like skeletons but with really large pumpkin-shaped heads.
There was also a line of very tall entities standing in the back of my yard. They were wearing grey robes and I could see no faces - only black where their faces would be. And in front of them were two more types that were smaller. Some were about 5' tall and had long thin arms and hands with long fingers. The others were short Greys. 

This group was slowly and menacingly approaching me. I asked what they wanted, and they said that they were allowed to take some people for experiments and other reasons. I knew this was a lie and that they were attempting to possess me and take over my mind and actions. I have seen this type of
possession take place before with other UFO investigators, and their entire personality changes and they start attacking me and others involved in ufology who want to get the truth out there. Unfortunately, this involves some people who used to be good friends. The other thing is that when you work in the light, the dark is attracted to it and wants to destroy it. They will wait until that person has let their guard down, then enter their body. This is one reason why I do not drink alcohol. It opens up your crown chakra and allows anything to enter.  You may even know some people involved in this line of work that have been affected in this manner. If they no; longer act like themselves, it is probably not them. Many people think that the reptilians are the only race of ETs that does this - but others do it, too. These types of Extraterrestrials/interdimensional are dark entities who gain power by scaring people. The fear and stress gives them more power. And right now with all of the fear about the Coronavirus happening around the world, there is a lot of energy being created to make the dark entities stronger. 
Valiant Thor in 1957

I decided to call in Valiant Thor, and he immediately appeared between me and the ETs, facing them. The ETs all stepped back at the same time. Thor said to them "Not this one." And they all left, walking down the railroad track behind my house to the East. 

I've never seen or experienced anything like this - for so many to show up is crazy. I decided to ask Thor what is going on and he said that he has been in contact with all of the world leaders as of late, and offered a cure for not only the Coronavirus but any and all diseases, which would no longer affect humans. In exchange, they all had to agree to having no more wars and give up their nuclear weapons, which are not only a threat to the Earth, but to other dimensions as well. You may be familiar with the book Stranger at the Pentagon, which is the true story of Valient Thor's visit to the Pentagon and with President Eisenhour. At that time, he offered the same thing to the world leaders but they refused, saying that it would destroy the world economy. Well, right now our world economy is being destroyed because of the coronavirus. 

The leaders are hesitating. So the ET's next step will be to make their fleet visible to all humanity at the same time, something like Independence Day.  Talk about full disclosure! And they will tell all of humanity what their deal with our leaders is - so we all know the truth. They have ramped up contact with people so we are more prepared. Those of us who have had contact are being told these things so we can help other people understand and deal with it. 

Now I wonder if there is talk of an internet, TV, and phone shutdown because the governments don't want this publicized. But it won't work - we'll all be able to see the ships. 

Let's all hope that this time, our world leaders listen. 

The Collective Unconscious and Etheric Viewing our Future

  By Margie Kay This topic seems to be on people’s minds lately – what exactly is the Collective Unconscious ? Since it is something no...