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My Contact with Nostradamus

I read Deloris Cannon's books about Nostradamus in the late 1990's after speaking with her at a conference. I Suddenly had the idea to attempt to contact him directly while reading one of the books. I don't know where that idea came from, but likely from the man himself or Valiant Thor.

I went into a trance-like state just as I do when remote viewing, but with the intention of contacting Nostradamus. I was not prepared for what would happen next as it is unlike any type of communication I've ever had as a psychic medium and remote-viewer.

I found myself inside of a small light-colored tunnel with a light shining ahead. The tunnel continued on, but my attention was drawn to a lighted round opening about 18" wide to my right. I looked down into a study/office with two men in it dressed in period clothing - one was Nostradamus and the other his assistant.

Nostradamus, who looked to be in his mid-30's, was sitting at a desk and his assistant was standing and moving books and items around the room. Nostradamus looked up at the hole in the wall and welcomed me. I asked how this was possible, and he said that he was in his time, and I was in my time, but we were connected with the vortex I created by putting myself into an altered state of consciousness. What he said was exactly what Delores Cannon spoke about in her books and in her talks. She was able to contact Nostradamus through several of her clients who had hypnotic regression, and he told Delores the same thing. It was a difficult concept to understand - that two people could communicate hundreds of years apart on different timelines that intersect using intention of the mind.

The one restriction was that I could not enter his office, or his time, only look through the portal.

I looked around his study and saw many leather-bound books, candles, writing instruments, stones, crystals, mirrors, a bowl with water in it, and many other items. There was a door opening to the outside and one window on either side which let in daylight. There were shutters that would be closed and locked on both the inside and outside of the wall. He had a very large wooden desk, and he indicated that there was a secret location in the room where they placed his books when he was away so that prying eyes would not find them.

He told me that in his time he had to be very careful about who he spoke with and what he said publicly, as the world was not yet ready for everything he knew. I found that he was extremely intelligent and very psychic, using both sides of his brain equally, and far more advanced than most people on earth at the time, and for that matter, our time. He also had protege's with whom he shared information, and also met with several people in secret on a regular basis. This group of men talked about such things as astral projection, time travel, machinery, extraterrestrials, interdimensional beings, alchemy, health cures, and communication through psychic means through time and space.

The contact I had made was unique to me, but not to him. He apparently communicated with several people on different timelines, including Leonardo Da Vinci and others. Nostradamus continued to work at his desk as he spoke to me, as if this were an everyday occurrence! His assistant must have been used to this as well as he just continued to do his work. The language we used was English, although through telepathy languages are translated automatically, so he may have been speaking in his native tongue.

I have contacted Nostradamus several times since using the same method, and I was able to ask questions each time. The odd thing is that he did not seem surprised by my first visit, as if he was expecting me. I have visited him at different period of his life - in his 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, although I did not have any particular intention to visit him at a certain age. It is as if I visited at the time period when he fully understood something that would be of help to me.

One of the things I asked was about global catastrophes. He said that the sun was going to create some major flares in my lifetime, which would take out our electrical grid, and that we would have to change our lifestyles as a result. He said that if we lived now as he did in his time there would be no adjustments for people, but in our time, it would be a disaster since we were so dependent on electricity. He seemed to know all about electricity and its concepts, and about computers and the internet.

Nostradamus is a unique individual, having a very high vibration such as Nicola Tessla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Budda, and Valiant Thor. These men are extremely advanced, and they continue to reincarnate in order to help raise the consciousness of humanity. I found that I could communicate with all of these individuals by visiting them on their original timelines, except Thor, who is now on this timeline.

More to come. 


Margie Kay is a remote viewer and psychic medium. She is the author of 15 books and is currently working on documentary films. Margie does private readings for individuals and assists law enforcement in finding missing persons and solving homicide cases. Visit for more information. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

How to Contact Extraterrestrials


By Margie Kay

I discovered that I had psychic abilities at age 2 ½ when I asked what the light was around trees that no one around could explain. By age 11, my family knew that if I said something was about to happen it would, and when the phone rang, I knew exactly who was calling, no matter if it was my aunt or a sales call from a stranger. And I had another ability – clairaudience (psychic hearing), and a man’s voice that on occasion guides me in a certain direction. It would take a long time to figure out who it was that the voice belonged to, and I wouldn’t find out until 2011, which was 50 years after I first noticed it.

Brainwaves in the Range of 12-30Hz Identified as Beta Waves

I highly suggest taking courses in meditation, dowsing, remote viewing, psychic work or other related subjects in order to activate the psychic center of your brain, which is the key to telepathic communication. The Pineal gland must be de-calcified in order to function properly, and you can find this information online or in my book “The Remote Viewing Workbook.” The main culprit: Fluoride.

The voice is that of Valiant Thor, an extraterrestrial on Earth who guides and assists certain people on the planet who will help to raise consciousness. In addition to Thor, I am in contact with a Mantis, a Sasquatch clan, a Native American shaman, and Medicine Woman, two Arcturians, and others. Additionally, when I have been in need of medical assistance different types of extraterrestrials have appeared in my bedroom, then disappeared, never to return. In each case, they healed a problem simply because I put the message out to the Universe.

These inter-dimensional beings can be contacted by using telepathy while in an altered state of consciousness, and anyone can learn how to do this.


Gaining an understanding of brainwaves and their related frequencies can give you the information needed to access deeper states of consciousness, and thus reprogramming the subconscious mind as well ( All components of the human body resonate at their own particular rate, and the brain is no exception, as it has its own distinct brainwaves or frequencies.

You can access the strength of your hidden mind and make your dreams come true by way of your thinking power when you take control of the deeper levels of awareness. Neuroscientifically, there are five different brainwave frequencies - Beta Waves, Alpha Waves, Theta Waves, Delta Waves and the infrequently discussed Gamma Waves. Every frequency, measured in hertz (Hz), has its own set of attributes which denote a certain level of mental activity and an associated level of consciousness.

When one is awake and alert during their daily life, Beta brainwaves are typically present. This is necessary to adequately perform day-to-day tasks, however, when these waves elevate in frequency, stress, anxiety and restlessness can result. This can be seen as the cause of the current health epidemic: stress. Beta waves usually give rise to logical thought and reasoning, however, when amplified, it can create a sort of "inner chatterbox" that becomes more persistent the higher the frequency.


Waves in the Alpha Range (7.5-12Hz)

When you are in a deeply relaxed state or daydreaming, Alpha brainwaves are present. This relaxed detachment that is experienced during light meditation is attributed to Alpha waves and is very beneficial for controlling or directing your mind in the direction you wish. Alpha waves increase your imagination, visualization, memory, learning, and focus. It is at the core of conscious awareness and can be seen as the portal to the subconscious mind. The Silva Method, developed by Jose Silva, is based on the energy of the Alpha Level. Moreover, the 'voice' of Alpha waves is your intuition, which becomes more distinguishable and profound the more you lower your brainwave frequency to 7.5Hz.


Oscillations of Theta Brainwaves (4-7.5Hz)

The Theta brainwave frequency has been associated with deep meditation and light sleep, including the REM dream state. This frequency is said to be the gateway to the subconscious mind. It may also be referred to as the twilight state, as it is commonly experienced when someone drifts off to sleep from the Alpha Level or wakes up from deep sleep from the Delta Level. It is during the Theta wave frequency that one may experience a profound sense of spiritual connection and unity with the Universe. In addition, vivid visualizations, creativity, inspiration, and insight can be developed, as well as access to the deepest levels of the mind. The 'voice' of the Theta brainwave frequency is described as being silent.


Delta Waves (0.5-4Hz)

The lowest frequency range of brainwave activity, known as delta waves, range from 0.5 to 4 Hertz.Delta brainwaves possess the slowest frequency and can be detected in deep, dreamless slumber and in transcendental meditation where one's awareness is completely detached. They are thought to be the domain of one's subconscious mind, affording an entrance to collective consciousness, which contains information not obtainable at a conscious level. In addition, delta waves of the brain are linked to deep healing and regeneration, emphasizing the significance of deep sleep for the recovery process.


When I want to contact inter-dimensional beings, I put myself in an Alpha or Theta state by meditating. Occasionally, I will intentionally go into a Delta state, but this is rare since it requires great concentration while being very tired. This only takes a few minutes if I am uninterrupted. Next, I visualize sending a thought out to the Universe. The thought might be something like “If there are any benevolent beings who are willing and able to help with (whatever the problem is), please come work on me at night while I’m asleep.” This way, I don’t have to physically look at them because sometimes their appearance can be shocking. When I first started doing this and something woke me up, the sight of non-human entities in my bedroom was quite disturbing. Now I am used to it, but I recommend that people use this method until they are ready for a very close encounter.

This method works if you just want confirmation that there are extraterrestrials “out there.” Go outside, meditate while laying on a blanket or sitting in a chair. Then ask, “If there are any extraterrestrials nearby, please make yourselves known.” You may want to be more specific and ask them to show up in a certain spot in the sky that you indicate, perhaps with a laser beam. This works most of the time, so be ready. This is something that I’ve been doing with great success for 40 years. 

If you would like to have further communication, you may want to ask an ET to appear in front of you, or for them to send you a telepathic message. It seems that there are many ETs who wish to have contact with humans, and they are more than happy to comply. In some cases, you may develop a relationship with one or two of them that continues for years. The ETs are far more advanced than humans in many ways including mentally and spiritually. They can manipulate space and time and pass through solid objects by changing their craft’s (or themselves) molecular structure. While there are a few “bad” ETs, it seems that most of them are benevolent and are here to help mankind advance in many ways.

By contacting extraterrestrials, you will learn new things about the Universe and yourself. There is something to be said about gaining the information directly, rather than through someone else. 


Margie Kay is the Director of the OZ Institute and a remote viewing trainer. For more information visit

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Meditation is the Key to Contact with Inter-dimensional Beings

By Margie Kay 

I've been in contact with spirits and extraterrestrials for most of my life and have used this skill to help solve crimes, contact loved ones for people, and communicate with not only extraterrestrials but animals and the super-intelligent Sasquatch people. Many people ask how I do this, and the answer is simple: I put myself into a deep meditative/trance state prior to doing remote viewing work or communicating with higher-dimension intelligences. An altered state of consciousness is the key to having contact with such intelligences, and it simply cannot be done any other way. A person cannot remote-view without altering their consciousness, either. 

For persons who want to be able to have contact with interdimensional beings, learning how to meditate is the most important and first step. I do suggest getting my book "The Remote Viewing Workbook," in order to learn more and use the practice pages included in the book. This is available at To get started meditating, here is my method: 

Margie’s Meditation Method

Meditation can help you get to the Beta level of consciousness, where psychic abilities are more easily accessed.  At the Beta level our brain waves average at around 12—15 cycles per second.  At Theta state brainwaves are between 6-7 HZ, and at Alpha (normal waking and relaxed state) brainwaves are between 7 and 12 HZ. Beta level is the state we try to achieve before contacting the other side.

1.) Pick a time to practice every day, preferably at night when it is quiet and there is little activity going on. Try to stick to the same time every day.  I meditate just before going to bed. 

2.) Pick a place to meditate that is comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed by people, pets, or loud noises like traffic or trains. 

3.) Sit in an easy chair or lie down on a bed or couch and use pillows or blankets to get very comfortable.  I prefer to lie down because it is more comfortable for me.  If you fall asleep while meditating don’t worry about it. Note: Meditation
 before sleep often allows you to have a deeper, more restful sleep.

4.) Use of a meditation CD is a good way to get the brain down to beta state fairly quickly.  Listen to the music and relax.  If you don’t have a CD, just listen to your own breathing for a few minutes.  I can highly recommend Janalea Hoffman’s CD’s (see the resource listing)
to help you get to a very relaxed state.

5.) Get relaxed: start at your toes and flex, and then relax your muscles from your feet to the top of your head. Start with the feet muscles, then calves, then thighs, etc. all the way to your neck and head. Go back a couple of times to the jaw and neck areas, since this is the area where people hold the most tension. Take your time and don’t rush the process. After using this method for a few months, you’ll get very adept at relaxing and won’t have to go through the entire process anymore. Your entire body will relax at your suggestion. 

6.)  Clear your mind. You can do any number of activities at this point, based on what your goals are. If you want to contact a loved one who has passed on, or a spirit who is haunting a house, ask to be in contact with that person. Visualize them standing in front of you. When you have a clear picture, ask the person a question and listen for a response.  If you don’t succeed at first, keep trying. After several sessions, you should be able to hear or “feel” the answer. Be sure to write down everything that happened after you stop meditating. 

     Another project you may want to do while meditating is to create something. First, visualize a blank black curtain in front of you. Then visualize whatever it is you would like to manifest in your life—a loved one who passed on that you would like to communicate with, or money, relationships, a house, job, travel, health, or whatever you wish. Concentrate on that and say to yourself, “This manifests for me now” or something similar, over and over again until you feel confident that you have created this in your life. Believe that this is happening, and it will happen.

     Always use positive words instead of negative words. For instance, say “I am completely healthy” instead of “I don’t have arthritis,” since the subconscious mind understands only what you are concentrating on. 

    Start with small things that are easier to obtain before moving on to bigger, more important things.  You’ll be surprised how your life can change using meditation on a daily basis. Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble relaxing and concentrating at first.  A lot of people find it very difficult to stop for 15-30 minutes a day after a hectic day.

Your mind has to get used to the change, and it may take a while— but after a few weeks you’ll start to feel more confident and it will get easier and easier. 

A way to get to “level” faster is to use a meditation CD such as Immrama Insight ( or one of Janalea Hoffman’s  CD’s (

     I have been meditating for over 40 years, and I strongly believe that it has helped me train my mind to the point that I can instantly go into a trance to do work on investigations or ghost hunting. You will get to the stage where you can have “Dual Consciousness,” which means that part of your mind is in a trance state, and part of your mind is fully awake, alert, and communicating with others around you.

HINT: The subconscious mind does not understand “good” from “bad,” only that it will manifest what you concentrate on or visualize.  Therefore, try to keep the thoughts in mind that you want to have happen, rather than focusing on the negative for better results.


Margie Kay is an internationally acclaimed remote viewer who had helped solve over 66 homicide, missing person, and theft cases for law enforcement, private investigators and family members. She serves as Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON, and is the president of the KUNX Digital Broadcasting Corporation.  For more information visit


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The Collective Unconscious and Etheric Viewing our Future

By Margie Kay

This topic seems to be on people’s minds lately – what exactly is the Collective Unconscious? Since it is something not readily visible the answer is somewhat elusive, and perhaps perceived differently by each individual.

The CU is not the Akashic Record, which is a record on the spiritual plane that has information from the past, present, and future about everything and everyone who ever existed, and every event that has occurred. Rather, the CU is a connection that we have to the unconscious mind of all living – and non-living things. Yes, stones, mountains, and even planets have a consciousness as well.

There are two methods to successfully connect with the CU. The first method is connection through meditation. By reaching a trance-like state during meditation, a person can connect to the CU through intent. This is a form of telepathy. Questions may be asked of the CU and answers will likely quickly come back in the form of pictures or words, or both. The best types of questions to ask the CU are those having to do with society in general, the health of the planet, earth changes, and those subjects that have an impact on a large number of people rather than specific questions about one person or thing. It seems that the more people who are affected by something, the stronger the vibratio
nal impact on the UC and the easier it is to connect to it.

Part of the reason this works is that even if people are not consciously aware of something the subconscious mind is aware. For example, an earthquake will occur within 24 hours and affect a city. Some of the people living in the city may have dreams of an earthquake, or visions during meditation prior to the event. The event has not yet occurred on our timeline, but it is in the Akashic record which is accessible by the CU, therefore, people have premonitions about the event. The people who have dreams or premonitions likely have had an ongoing practice of meditation and connection to the CU.

The second method to connect with the CU is through Etheric Viewing. This method requires sending the Etheric body out to connect with the CU, which is sometimes easier to do than deep meditation. EV is a method I developed on my own and originally termed Remote Viewing. However, RV is quite different than the EV method in that the person who is Remote Viewing must do the work with another person in the room and have no knowledge of the target whatsoever. With EV the person sends their Etheric body (non the Astral body) out through their third eye or psychic center located between the eyes in the center of the forehead while simply being in a relaxed state.

The Etheric body has the ability to see things that the physical body cannot, and it is not limited to working only while the physical body is asleep as is the case with the astral body. Images or words are obtained very quickly. I my experience the Collective Unconscious appears to be a light gray colored fog while the Akashic Record appears to be a web-like structure of dark lines in random patterns at multiple levels.

In using EV and meditation as of late, what I am picking up in the CU is somewhat unsettling. It is as if there is a disturbance in the force if you will. Things are mixed up, re-routed, and riddled with miss-information. It looks like everyone knows something BIG is about to happen, and there is a lot of fear about this as well. In the U.S., the CU is very divided. The truth about our country and society is coming out and society is mad about how they have been deceived. This is coming from all sides, all religions, all political parties, etc. and this has created a lot of frustration in the CU. This can be observed in TV interviews about the current marches and riots – the people do not even know the reason they are upset in many cases.

This general feeling of disharmony is not reserved for the citizens of the U.S., and unfortunately it is worldwide - in some areas it has been the status quo for centuries but now is much worse.

For the U.S. I can make this prediction. There is something big, that is already in the works. The veil will soon be lifted, and all of the world will be shocked by what is coming. I know this does have to do with the election, but it is much more than that – perhaps a world changing event such as an asteroid, or gigantic earthquake such as the New Madrid which could set off earthquakes worldwide. Or this could have to do with extraterrestrials. In viewing ET craft over the past 15 years, there is a marked difference in the number of craft in the sky, and outside our atmosphere. There are more reports coming into UFO databases than ever before. The ETs are making themselves more visible and likely on purpose in order to get people prepared for contact. When I use EV to send my consciousness outside of our planet and look back at it, there are now thousands of manufactured space stations, huge ET motherships, and smaller craft zooming back and forth from the planet to the bigger craft. They are not here to destroy us, but rather to help the planet through an event or to protect it from a threat.

Let’s face it- if ETs wanted to destroy us they would have already done it. While there are some “bad” guys, the good guys are policing them on a regular basis. In some EV sessions I have witnessed threats being destroyed or pushed away.

What does all this mean? Does it mean we are doomed? No, actually, it does not. Even if the entire planet were destroyed due to an inter-planetary war or catastrophic event, all that would mean is that we would all leave behind our physical bodies and move on with our six light bodies to the fifth dimension. Then we would continue our soul’s journey either into another physical body on another planet or remain in spirit form to do work on that plane. So, it is not the end of the world, even if it is the end of the world as we know it.

But in order to survive a lesser catastrophic event we need to be prepared for anything. This means having at least a 12-month supply of food, water, supplies, and protection and means to grow your own food. Get out of the cities and into the countryside if at all possible. Be ready to take care of yourself.

Friday, December 18, 2020

1948 Giant Bird Mystery in St. Louis, Missouri


In April of 1948 the St. Louis area was inundated with reports of unusually large birds.

At least 13 witnesses reported seeing a gigantic, grayish-black bird with a torpedo-like body soaring in the skies above South St. Louis, Alton, Glendale, Overland, and Richmond Heights.  People described the creature as “immense,” “incredible,” and “enormous.”  A police patrolman, and a corporal saw it as well.

Officer Francis Hennelly said that “Its wings were flapping, and it was headed southwest, flying at an altitude of several hundred feet. I thought it was a large eagle, but I’ve never seen one that big before.” One witness said that unlike normal birds, this creature flapped one wing, then the other. Another witness watched as the giant bird flew towards the Mississippi bluffs, where he surmised would make a good habitat for such a creature. 

There have been multiple reports of gigantic birds and/or Mothman type creatures across the state of Missouri since 2012, with the bulk of the recent reports from the greater Kansas City area. Perhaps whatever this creature is has followed the rivers from Chicago to St. Louis then the Missouri River across the state.

The original story posted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was titled “The Gigantic Bird Mystery: That Thing in the Sky- is it Really a Bird or is it a Plane or a Witch?

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch, October 29, 2017


Margie Kay is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. Contact her at


My Contact with Nostradamus

I read Deloris Cannon's books about Nostradamus in the late 1990's after speaking with her at a conference. I Suddenly had the idea ...