Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Extraterrestrials and the Coronavirus

I am getting calls and emails several times a day from people who are having ET experiences and close contact. Many of these involve close encounters with ETs in people's houses. It all makes me believe that something very BIG is about to happen.

On March 22, I saw a 6' tall green extraterrestrial standing not two feet away from me in my living room. He was just looking down at me. I spoke to a friend the next day and she told me that a brown female ET appeared in her bedroom that same night. But something even more bizarre happened on Friday night last week. I was on my deck at the side of my house when all of a sudden 40-50 ETs appeared in my yard. Or at least I just noticed them at that time. Some were lined up on my side yard and they looked like skeletons but with really large pumpkin-shaped heads.
There was also a line of very tall entities standing in the back of my yard. They were wearing grey robes and I could see no faces - only black where their faces would be. And in front of them were two more types that were smaller. Some were about 5' tall and had long thin arms and hands with long fingers. The others were short Greys. 

This group was slowly and menacingly approaching me. I asked what they wanted, and they said that they were allowed to take some people for experiments and other reasons. I knew this was a lie and that they were attempting to possess me and take over my mind and actions. I have seen this type of
possession take place before with other UFO investigators, and their entire personality changes and they start attacking me and others involved in ufology who want to get the truth out there. Unfortunately, this involves some people who used to be good friends. The other thing is that when you work in the light, the dark is attracted to it and wants to destroy it. They will wait until that person has let their guard down, then enter their body. This is one reason why I do not drink alcohol. It opens up your crown chakra and allows anything to enter.  You may even know some people involved in this line of work that have been affected in this manner. If they no; longer act like themselves, it is probably not them. Many people think that the reptilians are the only race of ETs that does this - but others do it, too. These types of Extraterrestrials/interdimensional are dark entities who gain power by scaring people. The fear and stress gives them more power. And right now with all of the fear about the Coronavirus happening around the world, there is a lot of energy being created to make the dark entities stronger. 
Valiant Thor in 1957

I decided to call in Valiant Thor, and he immediately appeared between me and the ETs, facing them. The ETs all stepped back at the same time. Thor said to them "Not this one." And they all left, walking down the railroad track behind my house to the East. 

I've never seen or experienced anything like this - for so many to show up is crazy. I decided to ask Thor what is going on and he said that he has been in contact with all of the world leaders as of late, and offered a cure for not only the Coronavirus but any and all diseases, which would no longer affect humans. In exchange, they all had to agree to having no more wars and give up their nuclear weapons, which are not only a threat to the Earth, but to other dimensions as well. You may be familiar with the book Stranger at the Pentagon, which is the true story of Valient Thor's visit to the Pentagon and with President Eisenhour. At that time, he offered the same thing to the world leaders but they refused, saying that it would destroy the world economy. Well, right now our world economy is being destroyed because of the coronavirus. 

The leaders are hesitating. So the ET's next step will be to make their fleet visible to all humanity at the same time, something like Independence Day.  Talk about full disclosure! And they will tell all of humanity what their deal with our leaders is - so we all know the truth. They have ramped up contact with people so we are more prepared. Those of us who have had contact are being told these things so we can help other people understand and deal with it. 

Now I wonder if there is talk of an internet, TV, and phone shutdown because the governments don't want this publicized. But it won't work - we'll all be able to see the ships. 

Let's all hope that this time, our world leaders listen. 

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Extraterrestrials and the Coronavirus

I am getting calls and emails several times a day from people who are having ET experiences and close contact. Many of these involve close...