Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Messages from Valiant Thor

This is a follow-up article to my recently posted article about Valiant Thor. Thor has told me many things over the years, many of which pertain to everyone on the planet, and he would like for me to share this information now. Here are some of these messages from Thor:

  • We are all physically and spiritually connected to all things in the Universe through a silver cord that is never cut, even after death. We are in fact, all part of a whole, rather than simply unique individuals. For that reason, everything we do and think, affects other parts of the universe. 
  • It is possible to travel to any place in the Universe by using astral travel. This method can be used to visit extraterrestrials as well, even on craft, or on other planets. 
  • It is possible to remote view craft and be seen by people or beings with a higher vibration, and communicate with them while in this state. 
  • Communication via telepathy is the most common method used- even if two beings do not speak the same language it will automatically be translated so that both can understand. 
  • Valiant Thor is on this planet because he wants to assist in our growth. He contacts certain people to assist them in raising their consciousness and level of vibration so that they, in turn, will help other people grow. The people given these abilities use them in different ways, some of which might not be readily noticeable. Some of these key people do not tell anyone who they are, yet, simply by being in the presence of such a person will help raise consciousness. Some of these contactees are writers, filmmakers, teachers, CEO's, non-profit organizers, and radio show hosts. They are usually found in positions of influence in order to reach as many people as possible. 
  • We are moving into the 5th Dimension- a higher awareness level and higher vibration which many have become aware of. This movement is going faster now than in the past and the growth is exponential. 
  • Due to the fact that more people are becoming aware, using meditation, and connecting with their guides, etc. is the reason that more people are seeing extraterrestrial craft and beings that exist in a higher vibration. 
  • Be aware that Earth is a very special place, however, there are millions of other planets which have intelligent life on them. Each planet is used for different purposes. Some for teaching different things, some for certain experiences. People on Earth are not alone. There are many different races of beings that live on, in, or above the planet. 
  • We incarnate over and over and over again. The spirit never dies, only the physical body dies. Humans have shorter life spans than most beings. Some beings live for thousands of years. 
  • Humans were not the first intelligent species on the Earth. Humans were designed and created by an intelligent group(s).  
  • Val Thor and his group from Venus were assigned to this planet as guardians. 
  • There are some species of beings who cause harm to the Earth and its inhabitants, but they are kept under control by Val Thor's Command and others. They will not allow the Earth to be destroyed by these beings. 
  • Humans must learn how to live without war. 
  • Humans must learn how to take care of the Earth. 
Valiant Thor contacted me a few days ago to discuss DNA Activation. He said that what science as so far called "junk DNA" there are several methods by which portions of our human DNA can be activated and that some of these methods are so simple anyone can use them. What happens when dormant DNA is activated is that knowledge of certain things such as past lives and experiences, and experiences of others will occur as well as increased intuition, psychic abilities, healing abilities, talents such as art, or music, or an understanding of math or science, and other such things will come foreward and become a part of our lives. Thor says the time is now for people to wake up their dormant DNA. After trying one or more of these methods, the result may or may not be immediate, it depends on the individual. Some people report feeling meridians open up, feeling a tingling sensation or warmth at some location in their body. or even vibration. 

Some of the methods that I've been shown or told audibly are: 

1.  By simply staring at crop circles, whether they are "real" or not, can awaken different parts of your DNA. 
2.  By being inside a crop circle, alone, and with no electronics, the energy created can awaken your DNA. 
3 . By drawing mandalas, copying crop circle patterns or Egyptian symbols. Work in a quiet, meditative state with no distractions or noise. Quiet meditation music may assist in this process.
4.  Listen to symphonic music, meditation music, and chakra balancing music.

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