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Contact with Valiant Thor

By Margie Kay

This article is in response to my many friends who wanted to hear more about my contact with Thor.

In 1985 I was living in Seattle with my two children and brother. I left Kansas City to pursue a career in travel and to see my father and brother and lived there for 13 months. My brother and I joined a local UFO group that met at a home on the top of a hill not far from downtown.

I was seeing a massage therapist for my bad back. One day as I was leaving a session, the therapist
asked me if I'd like to try a light experiment. This was unexpected as he had never asked me to try anything like that before. My brother and two girls were with me because we were going somewhere else after the session. The therapist asked me to stare at first a red light, then a green light, and back again. He would turn one light off and one light on so I only saw one color at a time. I'm not sure how long I stared at the lights, but it was at least for two minutes.

Then, the therapist turned off the lights and asked me what I saw. I looked at him and I saw his skeleton standing there talking. I could not see any part of the rest of his body - only the skeleton! I was surprised and shocked at what I was looking at.

Then a head appeared on the wall. It was a nice looking man's face wearing what appeared to be a helmet that had a point in the center of the forehead, then angled up in an arch, and down in front of the ears. It was very distinctive and looked kind of like an "M". The man spoke and said "Now you have X-Ray vision. I am Thor, and will be contacting you in the future."  The head disappeared and the therapist now looked normal. No one else heard or saw Thor speak and no one else was able to see through the therapist to see his skeleton. I knew at that moment that the event was only for me to experience, but I certainly had no idea who Thor was or what the experience was all about.

I’ve always been psychic- clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, along with remote-viewing. All of these abilities have increased over the years, with things improving around my birthday every year. I have done thousands of so-called “readings” for people and helped law enforcement and private investigators solve over 50 homicides, missing person, and large theft cases. The X-ray vision has really helped. 

A few days after this occurrence my brother, Frank, asked me to do a reading for him. We were both sitting at my kitchen table in my apartment in Everett, Washington and I had my eyes closed as I usually do when scanning a person when I heard a voice say “open your eyes.” I did so and to my amazement, here was Thor again on my wall only this time much larger – his head was about 24” tall. He said telepathically “We are going to appear at your meeting tomorrow night.” Meaning, I assumed, the UFO group meeting that was coming up. Then he disappeared. Once again, my brother didn’t see or hear Thor.

After we arrived at the meeting the next night, I told the group of about 15 people that I had been
Val Thor from the Book Stranger at the Pentagon
contacted by who I assumed was an extraterrestrial, and that we may see something that night. At that point, I did not know who Thor was or any background on him whatsoever and no one at the meeting knew anything about him either.

About halfway through the meeting, I was pulled by a strong unseen force to turn my head to the right and look out the large picture window overlooking the city. There, a craft was slowly dropping down over the street and the neighbor’s yard behind it. I pointed it out to the rest of the group, but no one else saw it. A couple of people said they sensed a presence, however. I was amazed at what I saw – a 60’ diameter dark matte silver disk with a curved dome top and a band underneath, and a few small lights on the edges. It hovered for a couple of minutes, then slowly moved upward and out of sight. Some people said they felt a presence. I was very frustrated that no one else saw the object but now realize that once again, it was meant only for me to see at the time.

Over the next 19 years I heard Thor’s voice every once in a while, and I came to know him and have telepathic communication. Most of this contact has been in recent years. He influenced me to start doing public lectures and demonstrations and write books. He has given me instructions, information, warnings, and views of our future. He even appeared to my daughters and one of their friends in 1993 while I was gone. The girls were sitting in the dining room when they noticed a very large alien head on the wall. He didn’t say anything, just stared at them. They described the same helmet as I had seen previously. We are not sure what that was all about, but I suspect that he communicated them on some level which so far has not come to their consciousness.

In 2006 I again had a dramatic encounter. My daughter and I closed our retail store up for the evening one day in October and she left before I did to head home. She called me on my cell phone and told me that there were some strange low dark clouds and a big electrical storm which were clearly visible on Lexington Street, which was our normal path to drive home to each of our houses. There was no rain or thunder. I had my cell phone ready to take pictures and drove down the street. I noticed that there were very dark, rounded clouds and one was covering the RLDS Temple almost completely – it must have been only about 30’ from the ground!  I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and took two photos, but by the time I got a second photo the cloud had retreated quickly upwards. The remaining clouds were still very low – covering the top of the temple, which I estimate to be 250- 300’ tall at the point. I was watching the active electrical storm when suddenly a bright beam of light appeared at an angle from the right of my position and to the top of the radio antenna on top of the temple. That light stayed there for at least 3-5 minutes.

I watched, transfixed, trying to see the source of the light which I assumed was from something in the clouds. As I concentrated on seeing what it might be, Thor’s voice came through telepathically and he said “This is Thor, Galactic Fleet Commander, and we are using the light to communicate with persons in the secret sub-basement of the temple.” I then Remote –Viewed the craft, which appeared to be a large silver metallic disk shape and also the sub-basement, where I saw technical equipment and several people standing around it. Two people were sitting at the equipment station, and others were behind them. Apparently, this was a timed, planned event. I also somehow new that whatever was being transmitted resulted in an English translation (if indeed, it was necessary to do so), and that this was not the first time such an event had occurred.

The light beam went out, the clouds retreated higher up, and the electrical storm lessened.
RLDS Temple, Independence, MO

To say the least, I was in shock, and it took a while to gain my composure so I could again drive. At that moment I realized that a strange tale my father told me in the 1970’s was not so far-fetched. My father was a member of the RLDS Church and knew many people there. He told us one day that some deacons told him that they were planning to build a new temple with a special hidden large antenna inside it with a secret sub-basement that would enable them to COMMUNICATE WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS. At the time, we all thought my father has lost his mind. Now, not so much. Interestingly, he had forgotten about this incident when I asked him about it when he was 80 years old, but my brother and sister clearly remember the incident.

I tried to digest all of this, and frankly, it led me to start more heavily investigating paranormal and UFO events. I had long been doing investigations, having started Quest Investigation Group in the 1990’s and joined MUFON in 1996, but decided to become a field investigator and talk to more people about their encounters. In doing so, I noticed a pattern and that there were hot spots for paranormal activity. 

The Independence square and approximate one-mile radius around it seem to have an inordinate amount of paranormal, unexplained events such as many haunted buildings, people seeing extraterrestrials look in their windows, sightings of strange unknown animals, and missing time. (See my book Haunted Independence for more information on the hauntings.) One theory that I’ve come up with is that the shape of the RLDS Temple creates a vortex, attracting paranormal activity. 

Additionally, the temple sits almost exactly on 39 degrees latitude, and I’ve noticed a pattern of strange events occurring on lines of latitude. It begs the question, was the temple put on that exact spot for a reason? Joseph Smith once said that this location is where Jesus would return. If extraterrestrials are involved – this opens up new questions regarding who exactly Jesus is. More research needs to be done in this area and we have to keep an open mind while doing so.

It is also probably no coincidence that my house is located about ½ mile from the temple, and that strange things happen there on an almost daily basis. We have a portal that has visibly appeared on occasion either as a four-pane window or as a swirling vortex. Beings, animals, and ET's have been seeing going in and out of the portal, which has moved a few feet over the past 28 years. 

Back to Thor. In 2011 he was getting frustrated that my books were not getting out quickly enough and suggested that I start a new magazine which would allow me to get information out to a wider audience. I did so, and that is how Un-X News Magazine got started. We added a radio show to the mix and reach an even larger audience that way. The purpose was not to make a huge profit, but to get messages to those who were ready to hear them. I added a blog so I could share messages when it was appropriate in between publication of the magazine. I don’t make any money doing these things, in fact, it costs money, but I don’t mind doing it because that is one of my purposes in life, according to Thor. He said that he would make sure we were taken care of from other income sources, and indeed, our specialty contracting business has been doing very well since I made the decision to listen and do what Val Thor “suggests.” I have come to know that he is very kind, patient, intelligent, and has knowledge way beyond that of any human being, and I don’t question him.

In 2012, after completing a special reading session for the Psychic Studies Institute I headed home. At 10:30 p.m. while still in my car, my cell phone rang. It was Gail Larmer, another psychic I just left at the meeting. She said “Who the heck is Thor?” I was surprised because I had told no one about Thor. She continued to say that Thor wanted me to contact him and that he had been unable to “get through,” probably since I had my mind on so many things lately. I told her I would contact him that night while meditating to see what he needed, and I did so. Thor said that he had some new projects coming up and to be ready for them.

Gail then begun an internet search for Thor to find out who he was and found the book Stranger at the Pentagon by Dr. Frank Stranges. She ordered the book and sent it to me, knowing it was important. I had the book at my house, then office, intending to read it, but when I’d go to get it the book would be gone. Finally, I became very ill with pneumonia and asked Thor for help. He showed up, healed me, and the next day I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband when Thor’s voice came in and said “Go get the book and read it right now.” I replied that I didn’t know where the book was and he said “Go to the table to the right of your couch in the living room and it is on the top of the stack of books there.” I went directly to that spot, the one that I had looked at many times before looking for the book, and there it was. I immediately read the book.

Book by Dr. Frank Stranges
Stranger at the Pentagon is about Dr. Frank Stranges’ encounters with Valiant Thor on numerous occasions. Val Thor was a visitor at the Pentagon in 1957 – 1960. Dr. Stranges met him at the Pentagon, and then afterwards at other times. In fact, Thor saved Dr. Stranges’ life on more than one occasion. There are even pictures of Val Thor in the book and he looked exactly like MY Thor, who appeared on my walls, minus the helmet.

It was a lot to take in. An actual extraterrestrial commander of a star fleet, who is a created being of very high vibration, took the time to contact me. Until this point, he never told me his full name, only using "Thor" to identify himself. Why did he do that? I asked him one day not so long ago and his answer was that he contacts one in 10,000 people in order to raise their vibration and mental and psychic abilities, which will in turn, help other humans in the same fashion. He said that I had a specific purpose on the planet, and that was to help increase consciousness. That made sense. That explained why he gave me “X-Ray Vision,” and increased other abilities over the years which now include extremely accurate remote viewing, health diagnosis, and some healing abilities.

So at least we know part of the reason why Valiant Thor is on our planet. I’ve since found other people who have been in contact with Thor and I can’t wait to interview them. Val Thor wants my next project to be a book about him and his contact with humans on the earth. He said he would make arrangements for the right people to be included in the book. And indeed, this has already begun to happen. Watch for the book to be published very soon as I sense an urgency to get it done.

Craig Campobasso
Valiant Thor suggested I set up the event Stranger at the Pentagon with Hollywood film producer, friend of Dr. Frank Stranges, and producer of the film, Craig Campobasso. Craig spoke at the June 12 event in Kansas City at Unity Temple on the Plaza. This event went very well and while Craig was speaking a lot of people saw balls of light on the stage. One of the things he told me during a radio interview was that Val Thor actually made suggestions for the screen play through Dr. Stranges.

I realized after this event that the voice of Thor has been with me all my life. He has guided me when I needed it, and has obviously had a reason to do so. Thor told me that I am an important part of getting the message out to the public to let others know that he, and his fleet, are very real and are here to help us in many ways.


Margie Kay is looking for others who have had contact with Valiant Thor for an upcoming book. Please contact her at 

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